Ayurvedic Relief For Cardiovascular Diseases

Ayurvedic Relief For Cardiovascular Diseases

Heart’, the most crucial organ of the body, works throughout life, right from birth to death, to promote a healthy lifestyle and an immune body. It is the most important body organ as it purifies and pumps blood to different parts of the body. But for a fit body and active mind, it is equally essential to take proper care of the heart along with other organs of the body. However, it requires a bit different care as it is extremely delicate and is an eternal section of the body. Therefore, it can be achieved by making slight differences in food habits, physical routine and sleep cycle.

Celebrating ‘Heart Day’ on 29 September every year, the world learns a new aspect of taking good care of the heart with a fresh theme. This year, the theme is ‘Use Heart For Every Heart’, focusing on creating awareness regarding cardiovascular disease (CVD). Maintaining a healthy diet, avoiding passive smoking, doing regular physical activity/exercise, and avoiding anything in diet that can cause uneasiness can efficiently avoid 80% chances of untimely death due to an ill heart. Controlled sugar levels, maintaining cholestrol and preventing obesity also contribute to the building of a healthy heart.

According to Ayurveda expert Vikas Chawla Opting for ayurvedic alternatives for preventing irregularities is always the best choice as it does not have any side effects and can help your immune system get back on track. ‘Cholestero Care’ by Vedas Cure is an efficient treatment for maintaining cholestrol levels. It can be consumed as directed by Ayurveda experts and physicians and can be clubbed with a proper diet to bring more favourable results. It constitutes several herbal ingredients, including Giloy, Makoy, Amaltas, Dalchini, Laung, Gudhal Phool, Alsi, and a lot more, that together form an efficient care for a good heart.

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