India’s ultimate rap battleground MTV Hustle 2.0 premieres on 3rd September…

Launch Event of MTV Hustle 2.0 in Mumbai saw Indian music superstar Badshah along with Anshul Ailawadi, Business Head – Youth, Music & English Entertainment & Aradhana Bhola from PH

National, 30th August,2022: Hustle Kar, Haasil Kar! ‘MTV Hustle 2.0’ produced by Fremantle Media, is all set to hunt for new rap sounds and catapult one into stardom! Featuring global artist and rap supremo Badshah as the judge, with eminent Indian rap trendsetters and pioneers EPR, King, Dino James and Dee MC as Squad Bosses, the latest season of India’s first-ever rap reality television show will pit 16 of the country’s most unique rap voices, in 10 power-packed weeks! Realme MTV Hustle 2.0, starting September 03, every Saturday and Sunday at 7pm on MTV India and Voot, heightens the stakes with double the competition and unmatched fierceness!

The launch press conference of MTV Hustle 2.0 in Mumbai saw Indian music superstar Badshah and the four Squad Bosses make dynamic entries on stage. The ensemble came together for the first time to perform live and unveiled the show’s power-packed Hustle Rap Anthem, which foretells the show’s spirit as well as the rich diversity of compelling rap music. Sung by Badshah, EPR, Dee MC, Dino James and King, this electrifying original show track embodies the passion of storytelling, grit, and fervour of talent on the show.

The second season of India’s genre-defining and avant-garde reality television show promises to be a superlative phenomenon for music lovers, rap enthusiasts and entertainment buffs. This dynamic battleground will be an intense and demanding challenge for 16 fresh voices of India’s rap-scene, who will fight hard for the coveted mantle. The judge of this season, international rap star Badshah, who himself has hustled his way to the global Billboard charts, will look for the best of the lot. Eminent Indian rappers and Squad Bosses King, Dee MC, Dino James, and EPR will hone and transform raw talent, hand-picked from across the country. With their signature styles, flair and experience, they will equip their protégés and coach them through the mentoring journey to become industry-ready professionals.

The show’s format also elevates the magnitude of the competition, wherein Badshah and the four Squad Bosses will groom and judge the contestants based on their talent, performance, meter, technique, musicality and storytelling. Week on week, fans must definitely watch out for the ‘Squad of the Week’ and ‘Performer of the Week’ as the show progresses, along with epic rap battles! Viewers can be a part of the journey to root for their favourite performer through public voting on the VOOT app.

Sharing his thoughts about judging the show, Badshah says, “Realme MTV Hustle 2.0 is the ultimate platform for unrecognized rappers to shine. To me, a sensation is born when consistent skill meets that hunger and willingness to do more for the sake of the craft. This show identifies that unique fire. I can’t wait for the audience to get a taste of the powerful, untapped raw talent we have discovered.”

Rapper and seasoned entertainer King, who has had his own musical journey on the show, adds, “From being one of the finalists on the first season to being a Squad Boss on the new one, I can definitely vouch for the powerful transformation this stage brings. There is so much talent out there that needs encouragement and direction. Realme MTV Hustle 2.0 is a must watch for everyone who dares to dream big.”

An ace in her domain, stereotype breaker and rap icon Dee MC shared, “It feels incredible to be a Squad Boss on the latest season. The show has been pivotal in bringing the Indian rap-scene from underground cyphers to mainstream audience. To me, anyone who can balance presentation, confidence and musicality with consistency stands a good chance to take home the trophy.”

Renowned songwriter and rapper Dino James says, “Things are going to get really interesting, and all heated up from the get-go! Rap has inspired so many storytellers from across the country to share what’s closest to their hearts, and Realme Hustle 2.0 brings this artistic manifestation for the entire nation to see. I’m sure the show is going to be electrifying for contestants as well as fans and viewers to experience.”

Former Hustle runner-up and now a Squad Boss, EPR said, “Rap is an extremely potent medium of expression and has undergone a steady revolution of its own in the country. Realme MTV Hustle 2.0 embraces the diversity of talent in this genre and provides a platform like no other, thus empowering artists, urban story tellers, avante-garde poets showcase their unique artistry fearlessly. The next generation of rap voices has multitudes of stories to tell and show’s bringing it all to the fore.”

MTV Hustle 2.0 is all geared up to present the nation’s most promising new rap sensations, their phenomenal original compositions, and a storm of rap battles, drama and entertainment!

~Realme ‘MTV Hustle 2.0’, co-powered by Wild Stone new classic range, premieres on September 3, airing thereafter every Saturday and Sunday, at 7 pm! ~

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