French Short Movie Night: A Cinematic Experience at the Alliance du Bengale located at Park Mansion in Kolkata

french film festival

Kolkata, 28 February, 2024: The ongoing maiden French Film Festival Kolkata organized by The Alliance Française du Bengale in association with the Consulate General of France and in collaboration with Apeejay Real Estate showcased the first-ever cinematic experience of screening 28 Short Films from 9 pm on the 23rd to 6 am on the 24th at the Park Mansion. This has been a part of the ongoing celebrations of French cinema that commenced on the 16th of February for cinephile Kolkata audiences and continued for nine days. In addition, the movie night was also been honored by the presence of His Excellency, Mr. Thierry Mathou, the French Ambassador to India. The films were carefully curated to showcase a spectrum of emotions and narratives such as “La Jetée,” a pioneering science fiction short that has influenced generations of filmmakers; “Mon P’tit Papa,” a heartwarming tale of familial bonds; and “The Last Frenchman,” a poignant reflection on cultural and personal identity in the modern world. These films, among others, not only entertained but also sparked conversations among viewers, creating a shared experience of discovery and appreciation. The French Short Movie Night was more than just an opportunity to watch movies; it was an invitation to engage with French culture and cinema in a setting that encouraged communal enjoyment and appreciation of the arts. The event underlined the growing interest in international cinema in Kolkata and provided a platform for cultural exchange and dialogue. Nicolas Facino, Director of Alliance Française and the Director of the 1st ever French Film Festival in Kolkata noted: “The Short Film Night is a unique experience. For nearly 9 hours, we screened around 30 French films at the Park Mansion. Short films are a special genre to savor, like candies. They reveal talents, foreshadow directors’ universes, and pack intense, funny, touching stories into 20 or 30 minutes. Anurag Kashyap confided in me during his visit that he had watched nearly 55 films at a festival. This experience aims to be immersive, to transport the Bengali audience into the world of French cinema.” Apeejay Surrendra Group and Apeejay Real Estate have been partnering with Alliance Française du Bengale for several projects. “As a committed patron of cultural endeavors, Apeejay Real Estate is honored to be associated with The Alliance Française du Bengale and the Consulate General of France for the French Short Movie Night. Nestled in the heart of Kolkata, Park Mansions has evolved into a prominent European Cultural Hub. The heritage landmark provides the perfect setting for this unique cinema experience that represents a beautiful convergence of artistic expression and cultural exchange. We are delighted to be the venue partner for this initiative celebrating French culture, language, and diversity, through the universal language of cinema.” said Shouvik Mandal, CEO of Apeejay Real Estate The French Short Movie Night not only marked a first for Kolkata but also set a high standard for future cultural events in the city. By bringing people together to celebrate French cinema, it created unforgettable memories and sparked anticipation for what’s next in Kolkata’s cultural journey.

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