Bachpan’s Speak-O-Kit Introduces the Idea of Edutainment in the Classroom Curriculum


New Delhi, Aug 10th, 2022: Bachpan, one of India’s most lauded preschool providers, makes learning enjoyable with its Speak-O-Kit. Bachpan was the first to introduce the Speak-O-Kit, also referred to as a set of talking books and talking pens, as a teaching aid. It attempts to help pre-school children develop stronger retention capacities, self-reliance, and self-learning skills. It is completely aligned with their academic programme.

The Speak-O-Kit was introduced as a one-of-a-kind learning tool for pre-school children in accordance with one of Bachpan’s core philosophies of integrating technology into early childhood education and introducing the concept of edutainment into the classroom curriculum. Using nanotechnology, when the pen is placed on specific words or images, it plays a sound stored in the book. This sound, when activated, produces a response that the child comprehends and analyses. The whole content of each book is mapped out by using a talking pen. All lessons are reviewed using riddles buried beneath a question mark.

The pens and books are made with safe material to ensure that the children are not harmed by the pens or books. The pen’s body is strong and comfortable to hold. It’s a one-of-a-kind home tutor for your child, who can learn while relaxing at home. A 3.5 mm headphone socket, lengthy working and standby duration, volume settings, clear accent, sound clarity, pre-installed rhymes (Hindi and English), and a manufacturer’s warranty round out the pen’s features. It’s also a rechargeable device (6 months).

The Speak-O-Pen is both a tutor and a playmate for the children. It is easy for the younger ones to interact with books that speak when they are given a sense of confidence and are given positive feedback when they get it right. Instead of relying on rote memorization, students engage actively in their education. This helps to keep the learning process on track. It’s a useful platform for parents as well, and it encourages children to read on their own while having a good time.

Speaking about the unique learning tool for children, Mr Ajay Gupta, CEO and Founder of Bachpan Play School commented, “I have heard parents often complain about their child’s excessive screen time. However, TVs, computers, and mobiles have their own contribution to learning and development (if used intelligently), as children get exposed to language proficiency and their communication skills get stronger. Our child-friendly Speak-O-Kit is the most successful teaching aid in this direction. I feel proud when I say that it makes the learning experience a lot more enriching.

Children learn to listen, speak, and recite at their own pace through our talking books and talking pens, and what’s better, they learn more than communication skills! They learn the concepts that are going to be the foundation of their success journeys and they learn it all with great interest!”

The Speak-O-Kit contains a complete set of 21 books and a talking pen, which generates text related sounds when placed on the book that essentially covers all the subject areas for a child’s elementary school or kindergarten education.

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