Adamas University’s Life Science Courses To Envisage The Future

Life sciences

Adamas University rated as one of the best private Universities in Eastern India, created an array of courses in life sciences to offer the students high-class excellence in career choices. The courses are designed carefully to make it futuristic and skill-oriented to suit the current industry trends. The courses condition the students to become a confident individual creating a significant mark for themselves in different areas of Biotechnology & Life Sciences in the world.

Adamas University has always been unique and futuristic in its approach and hence their School of Life Science & Biotechnologyintroduced thoughtfully crafted courses like B.Tech, B.Sc. & M.Sc. in Biotechnology; B.Sc. & M.Sc. in Microbiology; B.Sc. & M.Sc. in Biochemistry. At Adamas University, students are encouraged to do research work during the tenure of these courses, along with compulsory project work, student seminar, industry internship, etc.

Adamas University aims to prepare the students to undertake multi-disciplinary research and entrepreneurship in biotechnology and related areas in engineering, medicine and life sciences to provide solutions for human and animal health, agriculture and environment. The current world situation has clearly highlighted sectors which are sure to witness a surge in demand in the upcoming years. The life sciences industry today is on the cusp of change. While it is facing a lot of tests but it has also opened doors of opportunities for future students.

Adamas University inculcates the idea among their students to deep delve into the subjects and looks beyond the current pandemic situation. The students are encouraged to establish a thoroughly industrialized nation committed to the virtues of quality and relevance by contributing to the dynamic socio-economic development of the nation through this career choice.

An aspirant has to secure minimum 50% overall in their higher secondary and 50% in graduation to pursue graduation and post-graduation respectively. The courses are for mostly 3 years for graduation (B.Tech. for 4 years) and two years for post-graduation. The students are guided by top-industry leaders and given on job training and internship opportunities along with the textbook knowledge.

 “This pandemic has given multiple approach and outlook to the education system and possible career. There are multiple courses which are valued well and are given due importance in the current time. Adamas University has always aligned itself and its offerings with the industry. We believe these subjects will be extremely relevant for the coming years and introduce the bulk of more opportunities for the next batch. Adamas University believes in the holistic development of a student by not just keeping them limited to the classroom-based lectures rather giving them a hands-on experience in alignment with the industry interface. We hope these courses will raise the education standards of the state and encourage more students to achieve their dream goals in the homeland itself.” said Prof. Samit Ray, Hon’ble Chancellor, Adamas University.

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