Wakefit.co urges people to stay at home in this Honest New Year Party rant featuring Kumar Varun

India, 27 December 2022: Every new year comes with a lot of excitement, hope, and multiple New Year resolutions. However, it also comes with the underlying thought of overspending every time you step out on New Year’s eve or just the pressure of celebrating New Year’s eve with some elaborate “party”. To address this, Wakefit.co, India’s largest D2C home and sleep solutions company in association with Spring Marketing Capital, presents the ‘Honest New Year Party Rant’ featuring popular comedian Kumar Varun. The video hilariously encapsulates what a majority of people feel about the hassle and pressure of making New Year plans.


The video begins on a humorous note with Kumar Varun losing his cool over the numerous ‘New Year’s Party’ advertisements with exorbitant cover charges promising a good time in people’s lives on December 31st. As the video progresses, he touches on how people are judged if they don’t have a boast-worthy New Year plan and questions the notion of staying out late and partying rather than relaxing and spending time with your loved ones from the comfort of your home.

As the year comes to an end, the question of how and where to celebrate New Year’s Eve arises. The brand campaign emphasises on how it has become the new normal to stay at home spending quality time with your loved ones, snuggled up in bed or on the sofa. The Honest New-Year Party Rant video aims to resonate with what most people have been feeling this year end while also normalizing staying back at home for a snooze party this New-Year’s eve.

Sharing his views on the video PrateekMalpani, Head of Brand, Wakefit.co said, “The idea for this video came from our conversations with consumers who have given a whole new meaning to home as they navigate life post pandemic. The home has become an active dynamic space accommodating a myriad of activities rather than a passive space where it was just meant to retire after a long day. Earlier the idea of having fun meant “going out” but that has changed as voiced by our consumers who say they have a much more quality time at home when it comes to celebrations, get-togethers and occasions.

He further added, “We are thrilled to have Kumar Varun as a protagonist for the video who has entertained us in the past with his quirk and quizzes. We have taken a lively, banter led approach, to communicate the idea of a HAPPY SNOOZE YEAR PARTY which we hope that the audience will be able to resonate with. Through this campaign, our aim is to normalize staying at home on New Year’s eve, and connect especially with those consumers who love staying at home.”

The video has been released on Wakefit.co’s branded content youtube channel called Home Time along with its own social media handles. Earlier this year, Wakefit.co also collaborated with content creators like Satish Ray and Aiyyo Shraddha to talk about its Sleep Internship Season 3. The brand also launched its own web series “Ghar Set Hai ” which has crossed more than 2 million organic views and is now streaming on VOOT.

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