Vedas Cure launches Ayurvedic product, She Care

She Care

13th September 2022,Delhi NCR: Vedas Cure has come up with a new Ayurvedic Product called, She Care to cater the needs of women and provide them solutions related to their health. The product is a general women health tonic which is used for Pradar Rog and Aartav Vikar.

It is an ayurvedic medicine composed of natural ingredients like kamal phool, jaiphal, Blaa mool, vidhara mool, Shirish chhaal, saunf, javitri, rasaunt, makoy, brahmi, amaltas, mulethi and more such products which cure the problem to its root. The good thing about the product is the natural ingredients which also help in maintaining heathy and fit body as they provide essential nutrients to the body.

She Care has been designed while keeping the needs of women and to provide them relief from problems which hinder them from doing work easily and hassle free.

Women who are facing such problems can buy She Care, a remedy for effective and nature friendly treatment.

“I am pleased to launch She Care for our girls, women who have to go through so many problems daily. This is an ayurvedic product which is chemical free as well as effective that is made to support women health gently and naturally. The product consists of essential items that women are not able to consume daily or at regular intervals, so it will also assist them with providing vitamins and minerals. I hope that She Care meets the needs of women and gives best result. Our team will keep working towards better and quality products for all.” Vikas Chawla, Founder and Director, Vedas Cure.

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