Upstox Partners With Sensibull To Simplify Options Trading

Shrini Viswanath, Co-founder, Upstox

Shrini Viswanath, Co-founder, Upstox

Mumbai : Upstox, one of the fastest-growing investment platforms in India, today announced its partnership with Sensibull, the largest options trading platform in India that enables customers to tap into the options trading segment.

To gain access to the ‘Easy Options’, customers need to predict the market’s direction, after which they will receive trading strategies based on their prediction. These strategies come with a limited downside, therefore the losses are capped. Another feature, ‘Strategy Builder’, will help to create Option Strategies, analyze the payoffs, calculate maximum profit and loss and trade.

The Sensibull platform offers ‘virtual trading’ which is a great place to start for a beginner who wants to commence options trading. This way customers can practice options trading without risking real money. Sensibull also has a marketplace of SEBI registered advisors where users can see the transparent and verified performance of advisors and choose to follow them. Customers can get real-time entry and exit alerts of trades by the advisors on Whatsapp and Mobile app.

Commenting on the partnership Mr. Shrini Viswanath, Co-founder, Upstox, said, “Upstox’s aim has always been to offer best-in-class technology solutions to customers. Options trading is a complex segment to navigate, especially for novice investors. And therefore, by partnering with Sensibull, we would equip our customers with advanced and easy-to-use options trading solutions. As a brand, we want to empower users to make better trading decisions. We are optimistic that we will close FY22 with 10 million customers, from the current customer base of over 6.5 million.”

Mr. Balajee Ramachandran, Co-Founder, Sensibull said, “Sensibull’s vision is to make the lakhs of retail investors in India profitable. Upstox has one of the largest F&O user bases in India, and access to this takes us a lot closer to our vision. We are super excited about this, and looking forward to making a positive impact in the lives of Upstox’s traders.”

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