Top Indian HR tech companies that play a critical role in Blue collar woker’s empowerment


Finding your current job is the biggest challenge as there are so many jobs/companies to choose from. Finding blue-collar workers is really difficult because it requires a lot of research, money and time investment. With the Internet, advanced technology and the rapid penetration of these platforms, job seekers and job providers can now find and give jobs on the go and be instantly notified of the results of their efforts. From finding jobs in the labor category to finding jobs for programmers and engineers, the following HR startups offer job seekers a variety of niche jobs for the blue collar workers..

We have listed five startups that every job seeker should explore to maximize their opportunity in the blue collar job sector.


Meraqui, workforce management as a Service (WaaS) is envisioned to bridge the gap between organizations and blue-collar workers in India. Meraqui’s holistic & tech-driven approach is aimed to streamline workforce management in an organization. The tech-first brand empowers employers and employees and becomes their partner in growth. They provide Workforce as a Solution (WaaS) platform that helps hire, manage talent as well as offer relevant roles & gigs for the 450 million strong blue collar workforce of our country. Since its beginning three years ago the firm, although bootstrapped, has expanded at a rate of over 200 percent each year, with positive unit economics. They have strong pan-India presence in over 25 states and 82 cities with a ARR of 100 crores and growing.The company is using proprietary AI learning algorithm to fulfill the needs of various global MNC’s, Blue Chip companies, and Unicorns across various sectors for executing daily tasks like sourcing, daily attendance, seamless onboarding, automated payroll, credits monthly salary along with compliance logging, and extends salary advances among other functions. Its tech first approach enables rapid scale-up, efficiency whilst ensuring transparency for its clients. Meraqui aims to grow responsibly and expand overseas in the coming years.


Smartstaff is a full-featured workforce management platform. Their mission is to use the power of technology to help India’s 100 million workers find better jobs. Blue-collar workers have been faced with a head-to-head battle of passive, inherently unreliable and inefficient HR systems. A space traditionally run by contractors and brokers who use laptops and Excel spreadsheets to manage their workforce. Manufacturing has also been hit by high turnover and a precarious workforce. Smartstaff not only eliminates the problems associated with outdated systems and promotes better workforce management in the manufacturing industry, but also helps many blue-collar workers in India access better jobs.


Apna App is a job search app that benefits from job search services for over 1 million registered app users. Apna was founded in 2019 by former Apple executive Nirmit Parikh. The Apna app does some of the best fresh jobs, graduate jobs, full-time jobs, jobs near you, work from home, office management jobs, sales jobs, retail jobs and more at a reputable company. Provides quick results to find. The Apna app is a matchmaking platform that connects job seekers and employers, but is not directly involved in the interaction between candidates and employers. They work closely together to bridge the gap between talent and opportunity and provide a comprehensive recruitment solution.


WorkIndia is India’s largest blue and gray color job portal and product company. They are core tech companies, not tech companies like e-commerce, food delivery, etc. WorkIndia’s vision is to provide a sustainable livelihood for 23.7 Cr workers in India and 120 Cr workers in the world today. They also created a mobile app for candidates who can apply for the job they want to do. Candidates using this application can find and apply for a suitable job with one click. Schedule an interview with all the tasks of verifying your suitability with a 100% automated product.


BetterPlace is another technology platform providing digital workforce management solutions across the entire value chain. With a data-driven technology platform, BetterPlace uniquely addresses the needs of both businesses and people in this fragmented and underserved ecosystem. Since its founding in 2015 as a background verification company, the company has served 15 million employees in more than 1,000 organizations in India. BetterPlace’s Lifecycle Value Proposition HireManageEngage supports India’s ambition to become a digital transformation platform for the entire ecosystem of workers, contractors and freelancers.

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