Holi Special Limited Edition Beverages by The Burger Company

coffee theka

Holi 2022 has arrived, and The Burger Company couldn’t be happier; preparations in their kitchen have begun, and something colourful is brewing. Holi, often known as the “festival of colours,” has swiftly garnered the reputation of India’s fun celebration, with people letting free with a glass of bhang thandai in one hand and brilliant colours in the other. Taking inspiration from India’s own fun holiday, The Burger Company has introduced a new drink menu.

1. Magic Injectors 

Taking the existing (and most loved) injectors a notch higher, these Magic injectors includes in two colours & flavours, once injected they form a third colour and an amazing unique flavour. These come in 3 flavours called “Venom”, “Goblet of Fire” & “Unicorn Blood” These are surely going to make your Holi more colourful!

2. Coffee Theka

These non-alcoholic flavoured cold coffees are all set to become a rage among our young consumers. Coffee Theka by TBC has 4 amazing variants to offer: Rum Cold Coffee, Bourbon Whiskey Cold Coffee, Tiramisu & Irish cream.
These beverages are bound to make your Holi special and colourful. Also these are limited edition beverages to you better not miss on them and visit your nearest TBC as soon as they start serving these.

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