Time to Get Fire Evacuation Systems in place for High-rise Buildings in Mumbai


Mumbai, May 31, 2022: The incidence of fire break-outs are rising. The recent fire incidents in Mumbai have raised questions over fire safety of high-rises. In Mumbai, as the Mumbai Fire Brigade recently stated, the city has witnessed more than 48,434 small and major fire incidents since 2008 to 2018, of which 1,568 were reported in Mumbai’s high-rises since 2008 and sabotaging 8,737 residential buildings, about 3,833 commercial buildings.

The lack of awareness, negligence towards fire safety audits, non-implementation of fire safety rules by the buildings or technical reasons like non-functional internal firefighting systems, inadequate sprinkler arrangements, etc., could be the reasons why fire accidents are happening? It is observed that many buildings in Mumbai do not have a Fire Evacuation system in place to evacuate the people on time. Timely evacuation can help prevent the loss of assets and lives of the people.

After many incidents of fire in the recent past in Mumbai, there has been a growing demand to ensure proper fire safety and Fire Evacuation system in place in the high-rise buildings. During major fire incidents in high-rises, it has been seen that the evacuation of people has often become a cause of major concern. The Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai and the Fire Brigade Department realized the need to equip high-rise buildings in Mumbai with the right kind of Fire Evacuation system. Therefore, it has been made mandatory in 2018 by MCGM and Mumbai Fire Brigade department to have a provision of a Fire Evacuation Lift for all the buildings with a height above 70 meters (around 22 floors).

Dr Vikram Mehta, Managing Director of Spartan Engineering Industries and Fire Evacuation Lift Expert said, “Time is of the essence when fighting fires. A few seconds can be all that stands between controllable flames and an out-of-control blaze. Therefore, Fire Evacuation Lifts are important to evacuate the people on time before it gets out of control. It will be a lifesaver for firefighters and for the people.” 

Under the fire safety requirements, protective fire equipment like the Fire Evacuation Lifts, fire sprinklers and other fire management devices, may make the dangerous job of fire – fighting safe for evacuation of people.

The city needs to ensure implementation of an advanced fire evacuation lift before we lose more human lives and an effort in planning safer infrastructure.

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