The NEW Shop Launches India’s First Omni Channel Retail Learning Center

The NEW Shop Launches India's First Omni Channel Retail Learning Center

The NEW Shop is making the rounds yet again with its one-of-a-kind TNS Learning Academy, a hands-on learning school for its newly appointed staff to learn new age retail and quick commerce processes of The NEW Shop. The New Shop is India’s only omni-channel quick commerce company. It operates 24-hour convenience stores that sell & deliver within 15-30 mins fresh food and FMCG products such as packaged food, snacks, tobacco, beverages, pet care, over-the-counter & ready-to-eat food, personal care items, home care, hygiene, stationery, and other necessities.


TNS Learning Academy is a learning center encompassing all the functions, departments and even the overarching vision of The NEW Shop. It will hold batches of 20, spread across a working week for all new recruits. It aims to take a fresher or experienced hire from having no prior knowledge of convenience retail as an industry and The NEW Shop as a venture, to becoming proficient in all things TNS. Be it operations, finance management, supply chain logistics, even cooking for the TNS brand items at live cafes within the TNS outlets.


The learning academy is being run by Anubhav Madan, Corporate Trainer, The New Shop. Anubhav is a seasoned corporate trainer, with over 20+ years of experience in building education and training programs for organizations like cars24, Dominos, Baristaa etc. He is TNS Mentor for auditing, operations, F&B, and everything else. The NEW Shop academy is sparing no detail, and no stone is left unturned. Even their walls have SOP posters, for subliminal learning to take place. Recruits will learn every single basic detail, starting from inception of The NEW Shop, to even cooking special treats offered by the TNS brand in retail outlets. They will also get hands-on cashier training, self checkout and human interface ones. They will be provided special lessons using auditory, visual and even kinesthetic media.


I was exhilarated to see TNS founder’s obsession for providing exemplary customer service through their stores or delivery processes right from the start. Standardized education & training is the foundation to achieve this excellence required for building this new age convenience business. Most retailers don’t realize the importance of this, but I am glad we have built this mechanism in-house to groom and produce the best talent in service.​​said Anubhav.


Adding to this Aastha Almast, the Co-Founder and Head of Business of The NEW Shop We want every new member of  The NEW Shop to feel like a part of the overall vision. Since The NEW Shop is one of a kind omni-channel convenience business, we were finding it hard to find professionals who understood our new age retail processes. So, we decided to build a first of its kind training institute and refer to it as “The Taj Mahal of Convenience Retail” because this will be a place where wonders and magic in retail will happen! We want to create a platform for newcomers, freshers and experienced professionals to get into the skin of our brand and company. The NEW Shop is a unique solution to every Indian’s requirement for convenience items available 24×7 within a walking mile radius. We’re pioneers of this solution and we want to communicate the complexities and specialities of it to everyone involved with us, going forward, and to that end, we have created this learning center.

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