Socxo releases latest whitepaper on Word-of-Mouth Marketing

Socxo releases latest whitepaper on Word-of-Mouth MarketingMumbai/Bangalore, 19 April 2023: Socxo, the leading Made in India Brand Advocacy Solution, has announced the release of its latest whitepaper on Word-of-Mouth Marketing. The comprehensive e-book is designed to provide marketers, advertisers, and media planners with valuable insights and strategies on harnessing the power of Word-of-Mouth Marketing in today’s digital landscape.

Word-of-Mouth Marketing, a promotional strategy that capitalizes on customer satisfaction and recommendations, is proven to be highly effective due to its inherent trust factor. The whitepaper starts by providing readers with a detailed understanding of the concept and its growing importance in the digital era. It then delves into key topics such as building an impressive customer experience, the fundamentals of Word-of-Mouth Marketing, adapting to Word-of-Mouth Marketing in the new digital world, identifying the right influencers, and steps to kickstart a successful Word-of-Mouth Marketing strategy.

Speaking on the launch of the whitepaper, Ajit Narayan, CMO of, Socxo says, “This is our second e-book in 2023, and with this one, we aim to raise awareness on why Word-of-Mouth Marketing will be in high demand in the coming years. Customers today rely more on recommendations from friends and family than paid media activities by brands, and marketers need to take note of this trend.”

He further added, “This e-book serves as a comprehensive guide for young talent who are looking to understand the basics of brand advocacy. We are excited to continue providing knowledge and imparting content in the future.”

The whitepaper is available for download from Socxo’s website –

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