Pre- Budget expectations of the Medical Industry- Mr. Gaurav Tyagi, Founder, Career Xpert

Gaurav Tyagi

Gaurav Tyagi

Our finance minister Mrs, Nirmala Sitharaman is going to announce the budget on 1st February, in which the focus on the medical industry is very important, as after the pandemic situation, the medical sector needs to be upgraded as per the need. In the budget, there should be a proper increment in the medical education for the students, and there should be proper expenditure for the medical hospitals for their
development in rural as well as remote areas. There should be more advanced hospitals just like AIIMS for the people to get their best medications. In the budget, there should be a proper fund available for high-end diseases like cancer, heart disease, etc as per their treatment.

There should be more new schemes for the medical industries for their development, and proper funds allotted for the specialized doctors which help them to grow and there should be awareness about the government vacancies in the Medical sector, in which they can raise funds for their fast recruitments. There should be more new programs just like the foreign countries for a boost in the medical sector. After the
coronavirus, there is a great boost in the medical sector, as it helps patients to recover faster and help doctors to tackle death-taking diseases, where many hospitals change their facilities and maintain their motto to treat patients as the priority. So, there should be proper funds allotted to the hospitals, to develop and adopt advanced technologies in rural areas also and have proper facilities to handle death-taking diseases with proper care and medications.

Hospitals should be more advanced and have proper pieces of equipment for their patients, and a healthy environment with proper sanitation for the patients, to recover fast. There should be developed hospitals in rural and remote areas. Government should also start free seva centers for the poor people, who can’t afford expensive treatments, which help people to be healthy and safe. Many centers provide free
seva for the patients, but their infrastructure is very poor and not well sanitized, which can lead to more diseases. So, there should be proper hospital funds allotted by the government for the development of society and poor sanitation for the free seva centers. In the budget, the main focus should be on the medical session, as people need to be safe and healthy.

Hence, health is very important than wealth. According to Gaurav Tyagi, founder of Career Xpert, the budget of 2023, should focus on the medical industry as society needs to be healthy and safe. There should be proper funds for the hospital to be developed in remote and rural areas with enough facilities for the patients, and there should be more developed hospitals like AIIMS, which treat patients with more advanced technologies, as well as there should be proper funds allotted to the high-end diseases like cancer, heart diseases, etc. for the treatment, and there should be more schemes in the medical sector for the development of doctors as well as the hospitals.

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