Nova Vento Entertainment and FLMKR Partner to Release Graham McTavish Starrer, Somewhere in Montana

Nova Vento Entertainment

Los Angeles, CA, May 08, 2024 – Nova Vento Entertainment and FLMKR announced today that they will release the drama, Somewhere in Montana, in theaters nationwide on October 18, 2024. The release marks the first collaboration between the companies, who plan to expand to multiple theatrical releases each year. “Somewhere in Montana,” which is directed by Brandon Smith, stars Graham McTavish (Outlander) and Michelle Herd (Star Trek: Picard) in an emotional drama that explores the relationship between a brash film director, portrayed by Matt Drago, and a quiet rancher (McTavish) who rents his property to a film production. Tensions run high between the two, but an accident on set leads everyone into a spiral.

“It is an incredibly intimate story, set in the vast backdrop of Montana, where one might feel disconnected to the outside world,” explains Smith, who also penned the screenplay. “When I moved to Montana from Los Angeles, I was struck by the beauty and immensity of the landscape and wanted to take advantage of the space as a setting for a film. The break-neck speed of industry in LA is so different from the pace of life in Montana. When an LA crew meets Montana locals, there is both a collision and a connection.”

“I was interested in this film because it explores the need for safety on set,” explains Tyler Pearson, co-founder of FLMKR. “I’ve worked on set for years and know very well how important it is to demand a safe work environment. IATSE has been pushing the entire business for better safety conditions for crews in production. This script came before the accidental shooting on the ‘Rust’ set. It has been a really important issue in Hollywood and I think this film will spark even more conversation.”

“Somewhere in Montana,” which also features Jonathan Stoddard, Michael Monks, Andrew Roa, Kate Orsini, Kaleigh Macchio and Willian Scott Brown, will release in theaters nationwide, with the digital release set for six weeks later. “We are planning the release in stages, not day-and-date digital and theatrical release,” says Eden Matson, who produced with Joe Bordon. “We want to give the theatrical release some space before it becomes universally available on Apple and Amazon. This is a film that will benefit from the movie theater screen, where audiences can feel the majesty and beauty of Montana.”

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