Mx Live Recognizes and Changes the Lives of Top Creators From Delhi!

Authenticity is what differentiates a creator from the mass and MX Live believes in recognizing this effort. If you are someone with an ordinary life but blessed with extraordinary talent, unlock your potential and reach millions with MX Player’s new interactive platform, MX Live – just like Akanshi Baliyan, Komal Singh, Sona Chauhan, Sarthika, and Kanchan Raj. These five creators from Delhi have successfully broken away from the clutter and made their mark through the platform!

Playing up to their strengths, these streamers are now making a career out of their passion, engaging with millions and earning lakhs. Here’s what they have to say:


Professional athlete, writer, and aspiring actress, Akanshi Baliyan joined MX Live in pursuit of financial independence, talking about her journey, she said, “MX Live has changed the course of my life. I grew up with a bunch of insecurities, this platform liberated me from them. I have been a professional Badminton player and have a flair for writing as well, when I joined MX Live, I wasn’t sure if I will be able to act and sustain. However, the more I interacted with people on the app, the more it helped me be better and loosen up the burden.”

Talking about new opportunities, Kanchan Raj added, “Being a college student, I have always been looking out for different kinds of opportunities to explore. My parents come from a small village in Uttar Pradesh so it was always scary to venture into the field all by myself. But with MX Live, I have got a lot of opportunities. MX Live has helped me gain confidence and I’m looking forward to growing with them.”

Elaborating on her journey, Sona Chouhan said, “I have enjoyed singing and music my entire life. I’ve always dreamt of becoming a vocalist. The launch of MX Live provided me with a platform to showcase it and that too for a live audience, no less! My faith in my goals is now more than ever, they don’t seem too far-fetched because of the incredible support I have received. Many people got to know me once I became the #1 streamer on Mx Live, which inspires and motivates me to work harder and improve.

Komal Singh

Talking about how the platform changed her life, Komal Singh said, “I always wanted to be an actress, be in the entertainment industry and around people who are equally enthusiastic about this field. When I was in Mumbai, I did get a decent amount of work in the acting field but when I moved back home, I felt restricted. MX Live gave me the platform to chase my dreams while sitting at home. Of course, to become one of the top streamers at the platform, I gave everything I had and it was worth it.”


Sarika added, “Through MX Live, I have met so many people that are boosting my career and for that, I’m grateful to this interactive platform. The one thing I would recommend to people is to give your work as much time as possible and you will see the growth and value.”


In a short span of time, MX Live has become a hub for creators across the nation. With a unique proposition that lets streamers connect and engage with followers with similar interests in a live session, this two-way engagement allows content creators to build a wider community. The revolutionary platform has not only disrupted the creator ecosystem by harnessing the power of live engagement but also changed the lives of these creators. The platform since its launch has witnessed a 5x increase in the revenue generated by its creators. Today with over 5 million MAUs, and over 2000 live streamers, MX Live has strengthened its creator as well as user-base ecosystem.

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