‘It’s a 10 now ventures into the Indian Market

Miracle Hair Mask

America’s top brand that offers 10 haircare solutions in one product is now available in India

National, June, 2022: America’s leading hair care brand – ‘It’s a 10!’, has now entered the Indian market. These 10 solutions in one product range caters to all hair types. Created using intense research and implementing formulas that nurtures the hair. Founder, Carolyn Aronson caters to fulfill the dream of having perfect hair with a classic mixture of a therapeutic Berry based compound and Linalool Citrus and Castor oil that makes sure your hair is shinier, stronger, thicker, softer and bouncier. Regardless of the hair problem- whether it is fizzy, damaged or plain old hair fall – ‘It’s a 10’ promises that with the help of the cruelty free natural ingredients in the products your hair will revive its original form.

‘It’s a 10’ has established itself as one of the ‘go-to’ haircare brands in America and promises to help bring back the good old great hair days in India too with its popular collection- ‘Miracle Leave-in’. The brand aims to launch the entire haircare range in India with the mission to deliver ‘strength in simplicity’ that consists of shampoo, conditioner and mask.

Miracle Hair Leave-In Shampoo: This controls frizzy and unruly hair and with the help of linseeds and sunflower seeds. Moreover, it has a no sulfate formula and gives a smoother and shinier look from the very first wash!

Miracle Leave-In Conditioner plus Keratin: This repairs and rejuvenates damaged hair from the core with the help of Green Tea extracts and vitamin C goodness.

Miracle Leave-In Keratin 5: This Keratin-infused product revitalizes coloured or heat- treated hair by providing deep root nourishment and enhancing smoothness.

Miracle Hair Mask

Miracle Shampoo

Miracle Daily Conditioner

Blow Dry Miracle Glossing Leave-In

Miracle Silk Hair Mask

Miracle Leave-In Lite

Miracle Leave-In for Blondes

Potion 10 Instant Repair Leave-In Conditioner

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