ITC Maratha joins hands for Swachhata Shramdaan to keep Mumbai clean

ITC Maratha -Park and Road Clean up Drive

Mumbai, 03rd October 2023: The pristine shores of our Mumbai have long been a source of joy and solace for us. However, the increasing menace of plastic pollution and debris caused due to idol immersions threatens not only the beauty of our beaches but also the marine life that calls these waters home.

In a commendable effort to combat this crisis, ITC Maratha ‘Swacchata Shramdaani’ contributed through a beach clean up to scavenge for debris caused due to idol immersion, Installation of Public Utility Dustbins, beautification and cleanliness drive, also by creating & promoting Guest and Employee Awareness.

On a bright and sunny morning, the dedicated team of ITC Maratha volunteers gathered at Dadar Beach armed with gloves, trash bags, and an unwavering determination to make a difference. The focus was clear – to rid the shoreline of harmful plastic waste and debris caused due to idol immersions that had marred its natural beauty. As the volunteers combed the sands, their actions spoke volumes about the importance of collective responsibility. Every discarded bottle cap, plastic wrapper, or pieces of idol collected was a step towards restoring the beach to its original glory. Several gurney bags of waste and litter had been removed from the beach, leaving behind a cleaner and inviting shoreline that could once again be enjoyed by locals and tourists alike.

Installations of Public Utility Dustbin help keeping public spaces clean and organized as they provide a specific place for people to throw their trash. Proper waste disposal also reduces the risk of diseases and pest infestation hence ensuring safety of health for the common public. Team ITC Maratha installed various dustbins on Ashok Nagar Business Road, Mumbai as this road tended to collect and build up muck and the people from the auto – stands often throw out single use plastic and waste, polluting the road. While the installation of the dustbins was done, the team also swept out all the garbage around.

ITC Maratha - Beach Clean Up Drive

Beautification and Cleanliness Drive at the Milan Park in Mumbai, was an extended gesture and support for the restoration of the BMC Public Park to take off the pressure from the officials. Sweeping and cleaning of the park was done very thoroughly by our team. ITC Maratha also decided to plant 2 saplings in that park to help contribute to the green cover. This park is a symbol of peace and closeness to nature, and the team contributed a little more to the beauty of this.

Creating awareness among our esteemed guests was a very crucial part of this activity as it helped not only in building stronger guest relations and communication but also gave our guests clarity about our motto – Responsible Luxury. Our staff showed our guests with various examples of “Not using Single Use Plastic” while he enjoyed the amenities of ITC Maratha. Our staff welcomed our guest to the Peshwa Pavilion, with a glass of Sunya Aqua while explaining what the importance and need behind this was. Sunya Aqua is our in house bottled water that is completely free of plastic and is stored in glass bottles. The guest then bid us adieu by carrying home some of his favourites in our ECF boxes – Elemental Chlorine Free, which are completely recyclable and don’t consists of any plastic.

ITC Maratha’s ‘Swacchata Shramdaani’ serves as a shining example of how people can take a proactive stance in preserving our environment. It reminds us that the responsibility to protect our natural treasures rests not only with government agencies but also with citizens who understand the importance of sustainable living.

ITC Maratha has set the stage for positive change, inviting others to join the tide of environmental consciousness. This event reaffirmed the belief that when individuals and organizations come together for a common cause, they have the power to create a cleaner, healthier planet for generations to come.

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