ClearLeaf Secures Three New Key Country Registrations for its Non-Toxic GotaBlanca 500 Product

SAN JOSE, Costa Rica – May 31, 2023 – ClearLeaf, a Costa Rican company that creates sustainable crop protection strategies, is thrilled to announce it has secured approval, known as “registration,” of GotaBlanca 500 for sale in Panama, Nicaragua and Honduras. ClearLeaf is experiencing promising success as it expands into new markets. This deal more than doubles ClearLeaf’s existing market.
ClearLeaf is a developer and manufacturer of non-toxic products capable of managing the most persistent and costly pathogens that plague all areas of agriculture, yet is proven safe for workers, consumers and issues of biodiversity. There are outstanding opportunities for sales, which will ultimately protect critical exports and staple crops for emerging markets. CleafLeaf’s GotaBlanca 500 product will be incredibly beneficial for crops, including coffee, rice, pineapple, bananas, beans, peanuts and tobacco.
“We are very excited to open these new markets with ClearLeaf,” shared Abraham Aguilera, Central America Regional Manager of Colono Agropecuario, ClearLeaf’s distributor. “All of our country markets are seeking innovative, effective and exemplary products that are safer for farmers, consumers and the planet. It is apparent that GotaBlanca is simply the best product and a great match in protecting many of our most important crops. We know our grower clients are going to love it.”
Added ClearLeaf’s Managing Director, Nestor Zuñiga-Arias, “We are an impact-driven company. Our sister countries in the Central American region are not only important commercially but also in competitive sectors. We want to improve fair competition and focus on overall sustainability in our countries’ agricultural sectors. Every hectare using GotaBlanca removes more than 300 grams per year of the globe’s most hazardous substances. Soil, water and food are safer.”
ClearLeaf has already begun shipping its product to Panama, Nicaragua and Honduras. The product is being used in the fields by dozens of growers seeking more effective and safer products for controlling pathogens in their crops.
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