CDAC’s Sr. Scientist Dr Anindita In Advisory Board of Gr. Karnavati Quantum Computing Tech. Park


June 2022, New Delhi, India: Promoter of India’s first Quantum Computing Tech. Park, Greater Karnavati Quantum Computing Technology Park (GKQCTP), has nominated CDAC’s (Centre for Development of Advanced Computing) Adjunct Scientist, with expertise in Quantum Computing and Quantum Communication, Dr Anindita Banerjee in high level Advisory Board of GKQCTP , which is proposed in the state of Gujarat. As an honorary member of the Advisory Board of GKQCTP, she shall be guiding and mentoring the project team in developing Quantum Computing ecosystem at Gujarat based Tech. Park, which is getting promoted by Innogress in collaboration with partners.

Before CDAC, Dr Anindita was with India’s first Quantum Tech. startup company QNu Labs, where she was driving research for innovative Quantum Tech. Solutions and instrumental in implementing Quantum Grade Cybersecurity in telecommunication over telecom grade fiber using weak coherent state through Quantum Key Distribution (QKD).

Recently Dr. Anupam Singh, a Quantum Science expert and Professor of Physics & Dean at L.N. Mittal Institute, Jaipur has been also nominated in the advisory board of GKQCTP by the promoter. An IIT Kanpur Alumni, Dr Anupam Singh earlier worked in Los Alamos National Laboratory, USA and University of California, Santa Barbara in areas of Quantum Science research and teaching.

Computing and semiconductor tech. expert Dr S Jayakumar has been also recently nominated in the advisory board of GKQCTP by the promoter, Innogress. In his earlier role, he was a founder of a Bangalore based start-up in Semiconductor design and manufacturing and carries an integrated perspective of classical computing to quantum computing.

These newly nominated Advisory Board members along with earlier nominated Advisory Board members of GKQCTP Advisory Board shall be guiding and mentoring GKQCTP project team towards successful execution of the proposed Quantum Tech. Park at Gujarat.

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