and Usercentrics Team Up to Enhance a Privacy-first Experience for Users on CTV Apps

Supporting the shift from subscription-based to ad-supported models requires viewer buy-in. “With Usercentrics, we’ll allow streaming providers to attract major ad budgets by collecting legally compliant user consent to share personal data within a simple viewer experience,” says Gal Turjeman, CEO of
Gal Turjeman, an omnichannel content distribution and monetization platform that allows video content owners to create their own branded OTT applications and Linear Channels, has announced a partnership with Usercentrics, a leading consent management solution. The partnership aims at simplifying the way customers can provide their data sharing preferences within a familiar and privacyfirst CTV application.

As the streaming media industry pivots from subscription-based models to offering ad-supported tiers, companies must collect user data in order to deliver target ads and performance insights. Depending on where they operate, they will need to follow local legal requirements and request viewer approval to collect and share their data. Logo

To begin, and Usercentrics will gain first-party insights by developing a prototype of this feature and launching it within managed applications. “It’s vital to create a comfortable space when users are prompted to share their personal information with content providers for the first time. Our goal is to design something fresh that is welcoming yet clear and transparent on how data will be processed, managed, and shared,” said Gal Turjeman, CEO of “With Usercentrics, we’ll allow streaming providers to attract major ad budgets by collecting legally compliant user consent to share personal data within a simple viewer experience.”

This partnership matches the mission of both companies which look to help creators publish and monetize content across various CTV platforms in a compliant manner. Usercentrics believes in creating a healthy balance between data privacy and data-driven business, delivering solutions for every size provider. “As our design partner, will enable user privacy in CTV and empower CTV monetization in a compliant way, powered by Usercentrics technology. Giving users the transparency they are increasingly asking for will play a crucial role in the success of OTT apps in the upcoming future,” says Valerio Sudrio, Global Director of Apps Solutions at Usercentrics.

With Usercentrics as a leading solution for mobile applications, will help develop, test, and launch this feature within their customers’ applications. This first-party data will give them deep insight into how the tool is received and enable them to rapidly adjust the feature to have maximum impact. Once complete, this feature will be licensed out to streaming services of all sizes to enable the growth of ad-supported viewing experiences.

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