Australian Government Ministers support Lactamo launch in India

Etta - Lactamo

August 2022:  The struggles of breastfeeding, the lack of solutions for mums, and the disappointingly low breastfeeding rates are dismal. To mark World Breastfeeding Week (1st August 2022), Lactamo carried out a breastfeeding survey, to see what progress is being made. And the results painted an even more dire picture than we had thought.

In Lactamo’s survey, 92% reported negative experiences as part of their breastfeeding journey, with 67% of these being physical problems (oversupply, undersupply, blocked ducts, engorgement, infection). Women listed endless negative experiences, and a whopping 49% had had mastitis.

This was also the experience of Etta, a corporate lawyer from Australia, and Mum of 4. Experiencing this first-hand, feeling like a failure “when she was already at her most vulnerable, right at the start of motherhood” gave Etta the drive to give other mums a better success and a better experience in breastfeeding.

Determined to empower mums with solutions and support, Etta launched Lactamo in Australia last year. Dubbed “a game-changer in breastfeeding” by breastfeeding leaders, Lactamo has already taken out top national and international awards and recognition, and backing from the Australian Government. Developed by a team of Australian experts and industry leaders, Lactamo uniquely combines temperature, movement and compression specifically for the elasticity of breast tissue.

The International Breastfeeding Journal have recently published an independent clinical trial on Lactamo. Authored by Professor Linda Sweet and Dr Vidanka Vasilevski with Deakin University and Western Health the trial was completely independent. 100% of women in the trial “reported that they would recommend Lactamo to other mothers to assist their lactation”. 100% of women who used Lactamo “felt that it was beneficial for their lactation”. The trial authors concluded that Lactamo is “a valuable aid for breastfeeding women”.

“Lactamo has incredible potential to fundamentally address common breastfeeding challenges both proactively and reactively,” tells Professor Linda Sweet, Chair of Midwifery at Deakin University. 

Lactation consultants worldwide have heard the buzz and seen the benefits of Lactamo, and are queueing up. Firstcry have offered to partner with Lactamo running a pilot launch of Lactamo in India starting on 1st August to coincide with World Breastfeeding Week.

The Honourable Dominic Perrottet MP, Premier of New South Wales and The Honourable Stuart Ayres MP, Minister for Enterprise, Investment and Trade, Minister for Tourism and Sport, and Minister for Western Sydney are meeting with Lactamo and Firstcry in Mumbai on 28th July, in support of Lactamo’s launch in India, together with Australian and Indian leading healthcare professionals, hospitals, and government members.

Rainbow Hospitals and Birth Place Hospital in India have also invited Lactamo’s Founder to present at their official World Breastfeeding Week Webinars this week.

Let’s hope that by World Breastfeeding Week next year we will have made ripples in empowering mums at the start of motherhood.

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