Aristocrat Media to Host Healthcare Innovation Conclave & Awards on 25th of June in New Delhi

Aristocrat Media to Host Healthcare Innovation Conclave & Awards on 25th of June in New Delhi

The healthcare industry is gaining prominence during the coronavirus pandemic times. Aristocrat Media is taking efforts to lead India in the right direction by launching Healthcare Innovation Conclave & Awards 2022 on 25th June 2022 in Radisson Blu Plaza, Delhi Airport, New Delhi.

Healthcare Innovation Conclave & Awards 2022 is a step toward promoting technology in healthcare. It will also honor the best innovative practices in the medical industry. The Conclave will have participation from the Founders, Directors, Doctors, and CEOs of reputed hospitals and renowned healthcare organizations.

The event has been sponsored by JOBIZO. Approach Entertainment is supporting the Conclave as the PR & Communications Partner and Go Spiritual India has become its Spiritual Partner. Pharma Utility is the Magazine Media Partner, Bio Spectrum is the Digital Media Partner, Silicon India is Online Media Partner, Su Ayu is Gift Partner, Max Protein is Protein Partner, Nutrisukan Biotech is Nutrition Partners with the event and it is endorsed by Global Health & Medical Tourism and supported by Healthcopeia

With the theme of Technology, Innovation, and Future of Healthcare, the event will have an opening speech by Farooq Shaikh, Founder of Aristocrat Media. The first keynote address will be delivered by Dr. Arun P. Jose MD, Deputy Director of the Centre for Digital Health of Public Health Foundation of India.

Panelists in the in-person healthcare event will speak about the innovations and technological solutions for closing the healthcare gaps in order to serve the citizens of the new India. Taking the coronavirus pandemic as the biggest case example, the doctors, healthcare professionals, and entrepreneurs in the event will come up with ideas to make healthcare more patient-friendly.

The key topics to be discussed in Healthcare Innovation Conclave & Awards 2022 will include the Role of Technology, Innovation in providing Quality Healthcare and ensuring Patient safety, Healthcare being future-ready: Catalyzing Change for a new India, and Gig workforce in healthcare through powerful AI.

Founder and CEO of JOBIZO, Mr. Avishek Agarwal will also talk about his product launch during the program. The event will end by felicitating the award winners in the categories of Most Innovative CEOs in Healthcare, Most Innovative HR in Healthcare, and Healthcare Innovation Excellence Award.

The dynamic founder of Aristocrat Media, Md Farooq Shaikh said, “The first edition of Healthcare Innovation Conclave & Awards  will be held on 25th of June in New Delhi to recognize the hard work done by healthcare and allied  professionals. Healthcare Innovation Conclave & Awards  will felicitate the healthcare professionals and innovators  for their contribution towards humanity and health and encourage them to go a step further. This is an inspiration for others to aim for excellence in their fields.”

Revealing further details Md Farooq Shaikh said, “We have followed the international norms as regards the criteria for selecting the awardees. Like, there are several parameters that are gone through by the jury members. Each entry is evaluated on the basis of their focus and input of hard work in their field and the best one is selected by the jury members.”

Previous awards constituted by Aristocrat Media are the Business Tycoon Awards, Global Healthcare and Medical Tourism Conclave and Awards, Indo Asia Healthcare Leadership Award which was followed by Indo Middle East Healthcare Leadership Awards.

“Shifting the focus from Healthcare, we also partnered with other organizations for the Silver Feather Awards as a marketing partner and Grand Champions Award that focused on Real Estate and Women’s Awards,” he stated.

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