Apna.co launches international jobs: Opening doors to global careers for India’s workforce

New Delhi, 25 May 2023: Apna.co, India’s largest jobs and professional networking platform is taking a significant step towards creating a level playing field for job seekers in India. Building upon its success in enabling hyperlocal jobs across categories in India, Apna.co, today announced its entry into the international job market by offering more than 10,000 job opportunities in the global market and eliminating all the conventional barriers.

This strategic expansion by Apna.co not only signifies its ambition to transcend borders but also its commitment to democratizing employment opportunities on a global scale. By extending its reach beyond national boundaries, the platform empowers individuals from diverse backgrounds to access a wider range of job prospects, fostering a level playing field for talent worldwide.

Apna.co has been a leader in addressing India’s unemployment problem, providing job opportunities for millions of people, across various industries and job roles. The platform will facilitate a wide range of job roles from sales, business development, and customer support to production, manufacturing, and logistics. Organizations from countries like the UAE, Japan, Malaysia, Russia, Germany, South Africa, Australia, and the UK have already posted job openings on the platform.

Apna.co has established partnerships with government-approved agencies, such as Magic Billions, Salesman Corporation Pvt Ltd & others, to facilitate the hiring of Indian candidates for international positions. International opportunities are available for candidates with a minimum educational qualification of a graduate degree, ITI certification, or a specialized diploma. Along with the educational requirements, candidates must possess relevant skill sets and prior work experience in the same field in the Indian job market. The salary range for these positions is between INR 75,000 and INR 2 lakhs monthly.

Nirmit Parikh, Founder & CEO of Apna.co, stated, “Our mission at Apna has always been to empower individuals and create meaningful opportunities for professional growth. With the launch of international job opportunities, we are taking a significant step towards our Hon’ble Prime Minister Modi’s mission of making India the skill capital and development engine of the world. We aim to provide more opportunities to everyone, regardless of their location, as we believe that talent knows no boundaries, and by connecting job seekers globally, we are unlocking a world of possibilities.”

The global demand for the Indian workforce is witnessing a remarkable rise in recent years, owing to their exceptional skill sets, qualities, and capabilities. Global companies have been leveraging the quality and skill of Indian talents for a long time now. What sets Indian professionals apart from their counterparts worldwide is their hardworking nature, adaptability, and, most importantly, cost-effectiveness! This quality works like magic for international companies struggling with the threat of talent crunch. India has a vast pool of talent and a yearly influx of highly-skilled individuals. These factors make India well-positioned to become the world’s talent hub.

Apna.co has profoundly impacted the job market, offering opportunities across various categories and roles in India. The platform currently has 40 million users and has recorded more than 4.5 million job postings since its inception, becoming the go-to platform for job seekers pan-India. The platform’s focus on inclusivity and equal opportunities has also resulted in a rise in female users applying for job roles in industries such as technicians, beauty & wellness, and sales management.

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