5 Ways An App Publisher Can Increase One’s Ad Revenue

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With the increasing number of apps available for download from app stores, app developers & publishers need a meticulous marketing strategy to stand out in today’s app market. App monetization is a collection of techniques that create additional revenue within an app. It is about interacting with your users throughout the lifecycle- from when they first hear about your app to installing and becoming an active user. The need for an optimal app monetization platform is most requisite. In order to maximize in-app ad revenues, it pays to have the best app monetization platform in place. With ample options out there the question is, how to choose the best one for your app? How do you make sure a chosen platform will give you the best advertisers and optimal ad revenue? 

Arpit Jain, Founder and CEO, GreedyGame, puts together for the readers ‘How app publishers can increase their ad revenue?’ 

  1. User Acquisition (Organic & Paid)

A right mix of strategies that are essential for growing a highly engaged user base is what any app publisher should focus on. There should be a balance between paid and organic user acquisition methods if any app publisher wants to improve the retention rate.

App Store Optimization (Organic)

Any app publisher can scale up their user acquisition process with ASO process:

  • Target the right keywords to ensure relevant search traffic on the app store
  • Understand the best practices from top apps in the respective category
  • A/B test all the store listing aspect
  • Coming up with creative screenshots

UAC Campaigns (Paid)

Universal app campaigns are one of the fastest ways to acquire the right users at optimized cost. It streamlines the entire process for app publishers, making it easy to promote apps across Google’s largest properties including Search, Google Play, YouTube, Discover on Google Search, and the Google Display Network. Add a few lines of text, a bid, some assets, and the rest is optimized by Google’s ML.

  1. Start App Monetization with Google Ad Exchange

Google Ad Exchange lets publishers connect to premium advertisers. It ensures that app publishers can make higher ad revenue by providing them higher fill rates with premium demand. Google AdX offers an ad exchange programmatically or with real-time bidding. AdX has the potential to generate more revenue to publishers. Although the entry barrier for indie app publishers to access Adx are so high. There is another way for aspiring app publishers to gain access to Adx and its premium demand, and that is to work with a Google Certified Publishing Partner.

  1.  Find the Best Ad Partner that Fits Your Needs

        It is important to find the best ad partner that will help maximise app’s revenue potential.

Performance measurement is one of the most important things to take care of when it comes to working with any ad network. eCPM is something app publishers must consider while selecting a suitable ad partner. Apart from this, technology also plays a crucial role in this. Before going ahead, app publishers need to ask these questions to themselves – How complex is the dashboard? How easy is it to integrate a new SDK?

This is one of crucial things in the app monetization journey.

  1. Start Monetizing with Native Ads

Native Ads blend with the rest of the content without distracting users from their activity on the app. Let’s say if an app publisher chooses another ad format that is intrusive and annoying then there are chances that he/she will lose users.

How SDK X helps increase ad revenue with Native Ad format?

–        SDK X lets you test different formats, placements and demand partners to identify the best fit for your app. This means you always have the best performing Ads with the right partners at the right placements to ensure maximum yield.

–        Make every impression count! Backfill other formats with Native to increase fill rates.

–        Integrate SDK X to your app and create any format with ease. Move away from banners to adaptive Ad content that increases your click-through rates.

–        With dynamic Ad templates, app developers can integrate native Ads and go live in a matter of minutes without taking the hassle of designing or testing Ad templates.

–        Native ads take different shapes and forms and do not have a fixed size, these have a higher CTR in general compared to the other formats. They provide a better user experience for your visitors.

  1. Find new ad placements & formats

In order to boost app ad revenue from existing ad slots it is important to figure out new placements. App metrics like engagement rates, ARPDAU, and eCPM can be analyzed by the publishers to get actionable insights.

About GreedyGame:

Established in 2013, GreedyGame is an all-in-one platform that allows app publishers/developers to scale their user base and build a monetization model that does not disrupt the user experience. Being one of the Google channel partners, we at GreedyGame have curated products & services which allow app publishers/developers to focus on creating world-class content whilst we take care of the distribution and ad revenue optimization. We have taken a 360-degree approach when it comes to developing app monetization solutions. Products like SDK X have helped more than 1500+ app publishers to increase their ad revenue. Also, services like Plan A have helped indie app publishers/developers get a top-notch assistance from our in-house monetization experts.

In short, GreedyGame has built solutions for all the app monetization & user acquisition needs. So that the app publishers/developers can concentrate on making awesome apps.

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