Women lead this 21st century!

Masumi Mewawalla

We,the women, are giving stiff competition and are present as a leading force in every profession these days. We have so many examples of so many women entrepreneurs in the world at the moment.

One such example of a strong,calm,hardworking,passionate and a visionary entrepreneur is Masumi Mewawala.

Masumi is a bachelor in commerce graduate from Mumbai. She passed her school and college with flying colours,making her parents proud at every step. She started out her career as a child actress. Lauded for her work,she had an outstanding grasp of the craft of acting at a very young age. She,then started featuring in a few gujrati plays. Again,she was appreciated a lot in them as well. Making her parents proud of her she then pursued her education thoroughly.

Even as a kid, she was a very clear headed girl. After which she took a couple of jobs such as that of a wedding planner,a dance choreographer,a volunteer at an NGO and a fashion designer in the end.

Her heart was swooned by the fashion industry! Started out as a mere gift to her mother, she had designed a saree for her on her birthday once. After that,there was no looking back ever. She had found her calling.

Today, she is at the helm of two big brands,running them solely by her sheer hard work and passion to deliver marvelously and receive applauding praises for her efforts by everybody.

Knowing nothing about the fashion industry, she was fairly new to the workings of it. She was clueless as to how everything is supposed to happen. From the production,marketing to the sale of the products.

With her sheer passion for the work and quick learning power she was able to get hands on knowledge about all stages of productions and operations of the fashion business. From getting to know about the fabrics,to the tailoring,designing garments,marketing,sale and customer services she learnt everything as she went on with her dream.

She started Pink Peacock Couture first which is a bridal couture boutique. After the success of the latter she started Emblaze which is an online E-Commerce portal to provide high fashion solutions at a very affordable price to the general public. They both were an instant hit! After facing the usual problems a budding business faces,very soon she was making profits and delivering quality products to her clients.

Giving into the scrutiny of the business she has also managed to make a lasting dent on the fashion business of India. Taking inspiration from her parents she firmly believes in the power of action and learning as one proceeds. She is a visionary and very ambitious for both of her fashion brands. She is able to spite her competitors and is giving a cut throat competition to them at every level as a brand and also as an entrepreneur.

Besides all these efforts she was also able to be a guide to her younger brother Bhargava Mewawala in helping him set up an E-supermarket portal with bbrrmm.com, an online marketplace for premium groceries and essential staples.

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