Women Inspiring Network with Prem Jain Memorial Trust x OBEETEE organize a panel discussion on Sustainability and Environment in the current scenario

Women Inspiring Network

New Delhi, Monday, 7th June 2021: WIN in collaboration with Prem Jain Memorial Trust presents an exceptional panel discussion series “Be the Change” to start the movement. The focus will be on Sustainability & Environment in the current scenario. We all need to step up & #Bethechange for a better tomorrow. The panel discussion is on Wednesday, 9th June 2021 and the eminent panelist includes President, Design Plus Associates (DPA) Sonali Bhagwat, Fashion Designer, and Green Crusader, Founder Trustee PJMT Payal Jain, Architectural Journalist Avril Noel Dsouza and CEO OBEETEE Angelique Dhama.

The WIN webinar is in collaboration with OBEETEE, a sustainable and environmentally conscious brand, and Prem Jain Memorial trust, which will be LIVE on WIN Facebook from IST 4 pm onwards. It focuses on the need and importance of sustainability, environment-conscious measures that can be taken in the current scenario, and will also talk about the Weaves of Solidarity auction organized by OBEETEE in order to sustain the livelihood of weaves in Mirzapur.

Stuti Jalan, Founder of Women Inspiring Network said,” Sustainability is one of the strategic priorities in the current times. It is the time when we all need to take steps and inspire each other for sustainable living. Our mission is to encourage people to “Be the change”, to discuss and ideate ways of catalyzing this process. Let us come together and raise our voices to #BetheChange for a better tomorrow. Keeping these as the focus we are organizing the WIN webinar with renowned speakers who will share their initiatives and experiences with our viewers. We aim to encourage each individual to take active steps and be the change for the environment”

The eminent speakers include- Sonali Bhagwati is the President, Design Plus Associates (DPA), who has received several awards and her work has been widely published. She has been published as one of the 20 best Architects in India, her experience and expertise in architecture and Interior design has been recognized by way of numerous awards and accolades including the Zee Business “Architect of the year, and received numerous coverage’s in various National and International Books and Magazines.

Payal Jain, Fashion Designer, and Green Crusader, is known for creating classic contemporary clothing with modern interpretations. In the past two decades, the brand Payal Jain has become synonymous with classic and contemporary silhouettes, where each ensemble is a unique synthesis of traditional Indian textiles, crafts, and embroideries

Avril Noel Dsouza is an Architectural Journalist who has extensive knowledge and enjoys writing in various genres: Most passionate about writing on lifestyle-related topics such as interiors, architecture, art, people profiles, fine dining, travel, and current trends.

Angelique Dhama is the Chief Executive Officer(CEO) at OBEETEE Private Limited, India’s leading producer and exporter of exquisite carpets. A 20-year veteran of the competitive world of lifestyle and luxury marketing, she is best noted for her expertise in international luxury branding

Details of the Webinar –

Day & Date- Wednesday, 9th June 2021

Time- IST 4pm Onwards

Live – WIN –


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