Special Ode to Handloom by Asha Gautam

Handloom 1

In order to honour the handloom weavers in the country and also highlight India’s handloom industry Designer Gautam Gupta of the label, ASHA GAUTAM has come up with a campaign “Special Ode to Handloom” wherein a series of activities will take place, starting from an exhibition today and will finally be culminated on the National Handloom Day on 7th August 2020 at his store in Defence Colony.

Designer Gautam Gupta said “In our journey of 22 years we have worked mostly on handloom fabrics, we have expanded our portfolio by working with more clusters and weavers. We always believed in our crafts and the incredible talent our weavers possess. Handloom day is a very important day for us in the country as it gives tribute to 3.5 millions of people working in our country, second highest after agriculture.

The designs made in handlooms are still unparalleled and even with the latest technology, there are vintage techniques which weavers use in handlooms that power looms or machine-based mills can’t even think of. This is our pride and luxury as well for the world. The handloom industry not only is relevant in terms of designs but also to the world environment and with the consciousness of buying judiciously. I personally feel that what has happened in the past three months will make consumers more aware of the relevance of preserving crafts and especially our handloom industry.’’ Adds Gautam Gupta

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