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Jiyo 90+

COVID-19 has offered an opportunity to explore more deeply the potential of Ayurveda and adopt an integrative approach for innovative solutions to the pandemic. is a definitive e-commerce platform catering to all our ayurvedic needs in India.

The current understanding of COVID 19 has already proven that a person with strong immunity has a better chance of fighting off diseases and infections. Immunity booster medicine is one of the highly talked things in this pandemic time. JIYO90+ an Immunity boosting tablets from Plutas Healthcare has shown integrative results which helps in boosting immunity in the human body.

The medicine is the combination of ancient time tested immunity boosters like tulsi & giloy with the goodness of goat milk, wheat germ oil, swertia chirata, carica papaya and kiwi extract. These herbs are helpful to patients suffering from fever, viral fever, dengue, and other common diseases due to poor immunity.

Mr. Shreyansh Jain, Chief Executive, Medy365 says, “Our aim is to provide the best ayurvedic products with scientific methods. We have experience of around 61 years in the ayurvedic business. Our ancestors were doctors (vaids) of Maharaja Families. Using their experience and formulas about herbs and medicines, we are now providing people with ancient and proven formulations. We are in the process of manufacturing our own unit of ayurvedic medicines under the name of Products are manufactured from WHO GMP approved units, using the latest technology.

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