Kreative Minds Bengaluru has organised All India Talent Competition

Aria (2)

All India Talent Competition 2022 was conducted on 14th of august, 2022 by Kreative minds. The show witnessed a lot of young talents from almost every part of India participating in this AITC. The competition was on Drawing and craft Talent for the age group of 4 years to 18 years which we can say have the most creative aspect of their mind.

Theme for the competition was Independence Day. It was definitely a challenging task for the judges to choose the winners, but finally they have the Results as below:

Group I: Age 4 to 6 years
1st – Aria Dev
2nd – Geetanshi Agarwal
3rd – Anagha Goteti

Group II: Age 7 to 10 years (Drawing category)
1st – Arana Kar
2nd – Utkarsh Reddy
3rd – Aaryav Vidyarthi

Age 7 to 10 years (Craft Category)
1st – Saisusritha
2nd – Vedika Parasramka
3rd – Samarth Ganti

Group III: Age 11 to 14 years
1st – R. Bhargav
2nd – Siddid Baral
3rd – Ikshita Jain

Group IV: Age 15 to 18 years
1st – Medhansh Garg
2nd – Dhrithi G Rao
3rd – Vedika Mohankumar

The art and craft work of all the winners will be posted on the website and all social media channels of Kreative Minds along with the 2 winners of our EST Dance competition that we had a few months back.

The winner of the dance are:
Mrs. Monika Garg – Kathak (from Bangalore)
Mallikarjun Karlekar – Kathak (from Pune)

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