How Business Service Enterprises are Helping Corporates in Growth & Expansion

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In the wake of the pandemic, many corporate businesses went to a standstill and were unable to think of expansion due to numerous limitations. For many organizations, business survival in the Covid world relied on their ability to reduce costs quickly. There were also companies who encountered challenges when their teams were either unavailable due to lockdown or became infected with the virus. Therefore in many cases, productivity took a nosedive disrupting both the operations and clients.

Now as the lockdown opens up, there are companies who are looking for just short term goals like seamless operations and smoother functioning whereas there are corporates who are more interested in expansion and growth, be it technological like software solutions or product developments, hiring new people like recruitment services and executive hiring solutions, etc.

Here we have created a list of three companies which provide a 360-degree approach to the businesses and provide customized solutions to them:

1. Walson: Walson India’s longstanding presence offers steady service delivery with an understanding of local contexts, vital for managing essential business support services. It provides customers, wherever and whoever they may be, with a level of service that lives up to their brand promise. At Walsons, they believe that those who challenge the status quo today will do remarkable things tomorrow. By blending people, technology & knowledge, it delivers solutions for customers in a variety of industries.

2. Calibehr: Calibehr is a professional business services enterprise. The company combines the synergies of people, process and technology to drive seamless operations and sustainable growth for large Indian enterprises, multinational corporations and state governments. Calibehr offers a comprehensive suite of digitally-enabled and digitally-driven services through 350 delivery centres, empowering its clients to rise up to the challenges of an ever-growing and ever-expanding business environment. Driven by a 15,000+ strong team of forward-thinking and outcome-oriented individuals, the company works in close collaboration to deliver quick, quantifiable results across 15 industries, in a digital-first world.

3. IndusEntry: At IndusEntry, they are led by the vision to deliver an array of services that will redefine the concept of setting up businesses in India. IndusEntry will facilitate and make in-roads for new or existing businesses in the Indian market. IndusEntry’s premise rests on a few pillars namely, noteworthy service, integrity and ethics, adherence to timelines, customer support and good business practices. It believes in following a professional approach and its services are designed to stand apart amongst the competition.

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