A Cab Company Accepts the Challenge to Deliver Safe 5 Tier Wedding Cake to a Destination 500kms away from Delhi in Challenging Conditions.


As the wedding season is on raising hype, Divya Gupta, Owner and Cake Artist at Chocazure, New Delhi had to parcel a 5 Tier Wedding Cake to a destination named Pali, located 500 kms away from Delhi in Rajasthan but her big question was how to do it hassle-free in a pandemic situation. This cake order was massive for her shop and she didn’t want to take any risk to give the best experience to her client.

Arpan Aggarwal, Founder and CEO, Oro Cabs shared that “Divya had a hard time looking around for a delivery service provider on a tight budget who could understand the sophistication of the work. When she approached us for the first time, we knew it from that moment that this was not a usual job for us and so being eager to help Divya, we took it as a challenge and our management acknowledged even her smallest concern about the safe delivery of cake.”

As being happy and satisfied with Oro Cabs service, Divya said, “Being a cake artist, we do a lot of destination wedding cake setups. However, for this huge 5 tier cake, the setup was required to be at a luxury resort, which was almost 500kms away from Delhi, meaning a min of 8 hours of journey one way! Also, this was not 1, not 2, not 3, but almost 20kgs of cake, split in between of 5 tiers, which had to be set up, and that too in between of a pandemic situation. I had to ensure safety measures were followed, along with ensuring smooth driving and optimum temperature control for the cake to survive the journey.

They both are BNI Gurgaon Members, Arpan Aggarwal – BNI Sparx Gurgaon and Divya Gupta – BNI Sanskruti Gurgaon and got introduced in an online networking session

On the day of the journey, an Innova Crysta Cab and the driver were promptly at my doorstep on time. The driver had been briefed regarding the contents, and to ensure that car does not jerk over speed breakers. The cab had enough space to keep the cake without any issues. The Air conditioning was top class, ensuring that the cakes would not melt in the heat. We reached the venue safely and without any issues. There was not even a single damage mark on the cake!!”

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