53 Cafe House, among the Top spots in Patna for lively dandiya evenings and Navratri celebrations


53 Café House, long known for its event celebrations across the calendar round the year, cherished Dandiya Night in the city. Garba or say, Dandiya performances are being held in different cities and towns as part of the ongoing Navratri celebrations. But the special aesthetic and added flavors of the fest specially picked by smart event planners make 53 Café House stand out in the rush.

After Ganesh Mahotsav, the city, Patna is anxiously getting ready for another happy holiday celebration, but Navratri has already begun, and Patna, one of the cities that own the festival, is decked out and prepared like never before. The Garba dance and the dandiya raas are among the nine nights of “Navratri” for many people. Both of these techniques are done as part of the ceremonies throughout the nine-day celebration there, and each has its own religious importance. City revelers and dance enthusiasts may now experience the thrill of dancing and celebrations as Navratri has returned to its traditional shape after the long covid hiatus at the most loved & instagrammable spot of the city, 53 Café House.

On the occasion, Syed Aabish Hassan, the owner of the café house, said the idea behind celebrating these festivals & celebrations is far more than merely taking them as café events. But the real idea is, such events lead to cultural exchange, interactions of different cultures happen at such an event, and this is beautiful. Additionally, he also asked the city to get ready for the exhilarating event and cheer the sound of Dandiya with soulful music at 53 Café House.

53 Café House is unquestionably among the top event celebrators in the state’s capital backed by Eventoss Entertainment Pvt. Ltd, one of the top creative agencies pioneering Eastern India with its array of projects & distinguished deliverables.

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