Jessica Singh – Dynamite of Creativity

Jessica Singh

Jessica Singh is the Founder and Managing Director at Stanley Communications. Stanley Communications is a powerhouse of brand solutions in PR, Media Relations, Events, Influencers, and Celebrity Marketing.

Jessica earned her graduate degree in communication from Singapore and did her master’s in Fashion Marketing and Management from London School Of Fashion. While doing her Masters, she was also working at a PR firm in London and earning hands-on experience in the international market which can clearly be seen in her drive today and the way she deals with her international clients and the fact that she has already established her name in the International Market.

After completing her Masters and coming back to Delhi; for almost 2 years she worked in a 9-5 job in a PR firm but that wasn’t satisfactory enough for her. She had too much vision and creativity stored in her that she wanted to tap at; that a simple 9-5 job didn’t cut it for her.

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She took that risk of risking that job security to try something of her own and it led to the birth of Jessica’s brainchild: Stanley Communications.

From childhood she’d been called different and instead of letting it upset her she let that be her driving force and excelled in everything she did. Creating something different and unique to help her clients reach their maximum potential was exactly what she wanted to do with her company. She’s not one of those who only look at her own benefits and takes the safe route and doesn’t care if her clients benefit or not. She’s an entrepreneur who’ll go the extra mile just to make sure both the parties benefit and that’s perfectly reflected in her company’s motto: “you
grow, we grow”.

Stanley Communications

Starting her own brand was not easy. Being a “young-female” entrepreneur stepping in a line of work that already has many well established and well known firms and names associated with it, is something that needs a lot of courage. Her journey wasn’t easy and she had to face a lot of boulders to reach where she is at today. She started off Stanley with working and partnering with some F&B brands and today three years since its inception in 2017, she’s grown Stanley to such an extent that- she’s worked with the top-notch brands in the country and now finally expanding the company to Dubai. From working with luxury brands like Mini Bird Automobiles, Dyson Technologies, The Chanakya, DLF Emporio, Steve Madden, DaMilano, Fab India, Superdry, Replay, AER Dubai to working with reputed companies in all the fields,- beauty, f&b, fashion, and nightlife; Jessica and her team have tapped in all possible fields and have done extremely well in all of them.

She’s worked super hard to get her company to where it is at today along with her team of 25 plus women, building together with an empowered community of young and creative minds. Being a female entrepreneur already comes with all it’s stereotypes and prejudices in our society. On top of that being young and the “ageism factor” that is so prevalent in our society, to overcome that and to get clients to trust your vision is very difficult. Along with all of this setting up a company, thinking of the minutest of details that you want your company to reflect, finding your perfect team, and making sure your company reflects your exact vision takes a lot of time but she managed to do all this in such a short time. In an interview that she did a year or so ago, Jessica was asked about the biggest challenges that she’s faced while starting something of her own and she very gracefully answered it by saying “When starting
something of your own, the challenges are unlimited. From naming your organisation to designing your logo to building your team – all these are very carefully thought out stepping stones. Defining your identity is a major challenge as that will be the first impression of your organisation which is going to stick around.

But every day is a new challenge when you are a beginner. It’s about taking one day at a time and solving one problem at a time.” And solve it in such a beautiful manner. She’s a firm believer of hard work and that’s what led her through her starting out days and has kept her in the race till now. Her hard work resonated in her work and it’s how she was able to get so many clients to trust in her and break the “age stereotype.” Seeing her impeccable work and fresh ideas was what kept the clients coming to her. Hardwork and Honesty are the two Hs of her life!

She’s also a firm believer in the universe and believes that everything happens for a reason. Her leaving the comforts of her 9-5 job to the inception of Stanley everything happened to her for a reason and at the time the universe thought she’ll be able to manage it.

If you ask her clients, they’ll only give you praises about her and no complaints. And if you ask her team about the kind of person she is, they’ll tell you that she’s the entertainer, the most bubbly and vibrant person in the office.

At, 27, all that Jessica has achieved can be credited to her dedication, hard work, honesty, brilliant work ethic and the amazing and strong all women team behind her that she put together. She’s a self made woman and this is just the start for her and for her company.

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