Exclusive Interview with Natashya Phillips Coutinho, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, You Care – All about YOU by Luke Coutinho

Natashya Phillips Coutinho

1) YouCare strives to build a strong foundation on self-care all across the globe. Tell us more about the brand and the types of services it offers.

YouCare is not just a brand, but a community concept that revolves around YOU. With a strong foundation on self-care through simple lifestyle modifications, YouCare aims to empower people to play a role in their own journey. It has millions of ardent followers and fans with a deep intent and desire to build and rebuild themselves in all aspects of life with an emphasis on their lifestyle, health, prevention and disease.

YouCare focuses on YOU, the source and through this YouCare community, Luke and team encourage you to build you first, and then go out and nourish and serve the world, your family, loved ones, friends and whoever you have to. You cannot pour from a cup that’s empty. Fill your cup first. Nourish the whole of you – physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, intellectually and then go out and shine your light bright.

Through YouCare, Luke and his team have been touching millions of lives. From using integrative, preventive and lifestyle medicine to work with patients with diseases ranging from cancer, diabetes thyroid, cardiovascular, to autism, obesity, autoimmune disorders, low immune function. metabolic syndrome and other rare syndromes, YouCare helps you change your lifestyle, teaches you the focus on you being an individual, and inspires you to find the right lifestyle in the form of nutrition, exercise and movement, sleep and emotional wellness that suits your unique self, makeup and condition, if you have any.

YouCare focuses hugely on emotional wellness, sleep, exercise, wholesome nutrition and guides people away from rigid, extreme, fad diets and programs that are not sustainable and more harmful in the long run. It is a global ecosystem putting together sustainable food chains, ethical and natural food formulations for holistic health,  lifestyle programs, programs centered around prevention, disease, recovery, programs for meditation, emotional wellness, content that inspires and drives change, embraces a focus on cultivating mindfulness, healthy and meaningful relationships, programs helping you look within to find your life purpose and dreams, education for children, students and adults and a focus on creating simple daily lifestyle changes and habits that help you build a better you.

YouCare is a community and ecosystem that consists of kids, teenagers, adults, senior citizens across the globe and everyone from royal families, to bollywood, spiritual leaders and practitioners, billionaires, the sick, dying, healthy and everyone else find a place in YouCare, because YOUcare is all about you at any stage or moment in your life. It focuses on building a wholesome, better, healthier you. You don’t have to join this community. You are already part of it the second you decide to focus on YOU and care for YOU.

2) What made you choose this field and how has your journey as an entrepreneur been so far?

 I feel this field is something I grew into. It was a passion that Luke and I used to talk about and this has turned into this amazing organization that we have created. My journey has been nothing short of amazing. From the learnings I have had, the people I have got to work with and of course the clients that our team impacts on a daily basis, is what makes everything we do so totally worth it.

3) The Covid-19 pandemic restricted all of us within our countries, cities and homes. In the wake of this unprecedented time, how did you manage to lead a team of more than a hundred people and keep their spirits high?

The one thing that really worked for us during these trying times was that we always were an online company to begin with. So, working from home was something we were always comfortable with as a team. The change of course was now that everyone else was home too, including our kids and spouses. This is where we realized that the team needed some more time to invest in household chores as well (with a lot of maids being out of action too). We tried to reduce workload for the team as much as we could. Meetings and training sessions were reduced wherever possible. If some nutritionist needed fewer clients to handle, we did that as well.

Having said this, I think, the team did an amazing job during these times to make sure work and life balance was maintained on both fronts and this is another reason why I’m just so proud of our team.

We also make it a point to appreciate the team regularly. It is one thing we as an organisation do not take for granted.

Natashya Phillips Coutinho


4) What is the vision and the mission of YouCare? How do you envisage spreading awareness of the importance of self-care across the globe?

Like we always say, we strive to put the “care” back into “healthcare”. This is the shortest way I can explain our vision and mission.

We already have a global presence but we do plan on maintaining it. The plan is to continue doing what we do, day on day. From the nuggets of wisdom that Luke shares every day, to the various clients and the team of experts who consult around the world, we have to just keep doing our best and we hope that through the experiences our clients have had, the message that we believe in gets passed on.

The team along with Luke has also started spreading awareness on various health related topics as often as they can. Each individual can only take an X number of consults everyday but through the information we put out on our platforms for free, we hope we can help and reach out to more people and inspire change.

5) You have an experienced and diversified expert panel available for consultations. What are the factors you look for when you bring experts on board with you?

 Since the team is dealing with people with specific health conditions, of course the main prerequisite is that they have the right qualifications for the post. Over and above that, we look for passion, drive and compassion. Empathy is also an important part of what they do.

The clients usually sign up with us for a minimum period of 3-months, so being able to connect with the clients and build rapport with them is key. You can’t really motivate someone to do something they don’t want too, but with the right coaching strategy and connection, we have seen our clients coming a long way in terms of their health goals.

The skills that they come with can always be enhanced or improved through training but if they don’t have the right mindset or willingness to learn, then we know that they will not fit in our vision.

We have clients who start off with us for 3-months and now have almost their entire family and extended family on our programs too. This is only because of the positive connection our team has had on them. 

6) Being the CEO of a leading wellness brand, what lies ahead for the wellness and nutrition industry? How is this sector going to transform in the coming times? 

The one thing that the pandemic has brought in, is definitely an increase in awareness of one’s own health and well-being. Everyone is now more aware and most importantly wants to work on their health.

We have seen more and more people coming to us with questions about where they can find cleaner sources of food. We have more people now who want to get their parameters checked and make sure that they are doing what’s right for them. And it is good to see that they are already thinking about prevention.

Prevention has always been something we have been talking about for years but now clients are looking for it on their own too. Technology, of course, is also going to be a huge driving force for everyone and us too.

7) How do you maintain a healthy work-life balance? 

I am at this happy place right now where I feel like a work-life balance has just become easier with schooling being from home too. Also, with Tyanna, my daughter who is already 8, I feel she has also become so independent. She manages most of her school work and routine on her own.

I have a routine and I manage to stick to it almost 90% of the time. The reason I say I’m in a happy place right now is because I feel it’s more like a habit everyday than something that I need to remember to do. Just like brushing our teeth, it just happens.

Of course, I like finishing my workout in the morning and then starting work. I try to wrap up work at a set time daily and then it’s just my family and me. I also love spending some time with just me.

8) If you were not doing what you do today, what would you choose to do?

I have been asked this a couple of times. Before I started off at Team Luke, I thoroughly enjoyed my previous job at IBM India. If I had to go back to any other role, it would probably be that one. And, if I were to think of a new career option, I would most likely start a little cafe or bakery and experiment with new food, since I enjoy baking a lot.

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