While Liquid Public Crypto Markets Remain Volatile, Blockchain Valuation Creation Continues Apace

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Midyear 2022 Findings from Blockchain Coinvestors’ Global Blockchain Unicorns Report Point to Opportunities for Disciplined Early and Mid Stage Venture Investors

  • 28 new blockchain enterprise unicorns with substantial value accretion
  • Fewer public crypto projects with market caps over $1bn as public markets fall

San Francisco, July 6th, 2022 – Blockchain Coinvestors, a leading blockchain early and mid stage venture fund of funds and direct investment platform with a combined portfolio of 400+ blockchain and crypto projects including approximately 60% of all blockchain unicorns, today announced its bi-annual Meet the Blockchain Unicorns report which includes the most comprehensive list of blockchain unicorns globally – including private blockchain enterprises and crypto projects whose valuations exceed $1 billion.

Through midyear 2022, there are 93 enterprise and 50 crypto project unicorns with 26 public blockchain companies. North America is leading the charge with 23 newly minted enterprise unicorns with four new unicorns emerging in Australasia, and one in Europe.

“Early stage venture capital has been the highest returning asset class over the last 25 years and blockchain appears to be the highest performing sector within it as witnessed by the large number of new blockchain unicorns, bringing the current total to 93” said Matthew C. Le Merle, Blockchain Coinvestors co-founder and Managing Partner.

Blockchain Coinvestors uses proprietary data sources and its own database of its combined portfolio resulting from its first three blockchain venture fund of funds (including their first fund of funds, ranked in the top decile for performance according to PitchBook) to track emerging unicorns. For the crypto project valuations, Blockchain Coinvestors relies upon CoinStats for its data.

“Unlike most asset classes, venture capital outperforms in the years following a downturn or recession, driven by lower valuations for investors. We believe it is an opportune time to gather dry powder for selectively investing into the best early and mid stage blockchain opportunities alongside the best blockchain investors,” said Alison Davis, Chairman and Managing Partner of Blockchain Coinvestors. 

Blockchain Coinvestors will present the full results of its midyear findings during the upcoming “Meet the Blockchain Unicorns” webinars on July 12, 2022 at 7:00am and 12:00pm PT.

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