How to pick your diamonds – 101 by Suraj Popley

Suraj Popley

Suraj Popley

Be it “Diamond of the season” as the Bridgertons call it or the diamonds sitting gracefully on your neckline, both remarkably shine alluring the beholders. Diamond as a gemstone offers remarkable prestige, commitment, and panache. Hence, jewellery connoisseurs mark their special moments with diamonds. Be it a gift for loved ones or adorning yourself with these opulent gemstones, diamond proves to be an exquisite choice. However, it is a proven fact that diamonds are a huge deal and a valuable investment.

While you make an investment or select a partner the ordeal is the same as selecting the perfect diamond of the season, and not get duped. Thanks to Mr. Suraj Popley of Popley Eternal, for his insights on selecting the top-quality diamonds. As suggested by Mr.Popley it is rather imperative to understand the basics of a diamond, ask for a diamond certification, and differentiate between a zirconia and a real diamond. While this is easier said than done. Focus on the four C’s of the diamonds cut, color, clarity, and carat.

Apart from the basics, there are other methods of not getting duped. The breath test and the sandpaper test. Diamonds are the best conductors of heat, hence if you breathe on to a real diamond, the fog your breath creates will disappear almost instantly from its surface. The sandpaper test will make it easier for you. Gently rubbing a piece of sandpaper on a real diamond will have no ill effects on it. However, the fake one will scratch easily. And lastly, buy your precious pieces from a reputable jewellery brand. Such as Popley Eternal. Popley Eternal a divine house of precious jewellery fashioned in esteemed quality and diamonds will never have you worried about getting duped. In fact the atelier strives to provide you with the best at the best investment amount.

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