Qandle launches Touchless Attendance app ‘Qandle Touchless’ for HR


New Delhi, 29 May, 2021: Qandle – an HRMS startup, has launched a new solution ‘Qandle Touchless’ that helps to mark employees’ attendance while eliminating the need to touch any common surfaces. The idea behind the solution is to give an alternative to Biometric or Card based attendance systems to organisations. Amidst the Covid-19 pandemic, using such attendance systems requiring physically touching a common device can be very risky and spread germs faster.

Qandle Touchless actually includes an array of 4 different solutions to track attendance without the need for employees to touch any common surface, while increasing the accuracy of measurement. Through Qandle Touchless, the brand is offering significant convenience and safety to both employees and the HR teams.

The first solution is to mark attendance through the use of QR codes. The application allows generation of a unique QR code for each employee, which can then be used to track their attendance by displaying the codes to Qandle’s QR Code Attendance Reader app. This solution makes tracking attendance particularly easy for organisations that house a large number of blue collar employees.

The second solution is to IP restrict the attendance of employees. Through this, employees can mark their attendance using their laptops, but only when it is connected to a particular Wi-fi or Internet network.

The third and fourth solutions involve using the Qandle app to geo-fence or geo-tag the attendance measurement. With these, it becomes easy to determine and restrict the geographic areas and boundaries in which attendance can be marked by employees through their own mobile phones. These solutions are particularly useful for companies which have their employees distributed across many smaller regional or sales offices, or those where employees have to be on the field. These solutions significantly minimize the challenges of attendance proxies by employees.

These solutions can be used in conjunction with each other to provide a complete Touchless Attendance solution. For example, an organization can use the IP restricted option for employees in the Head Quarters, the geo-tagged option for employees working from home, the geo-fenced attendance for the employees in the regional offices, and the QR code option for the workers in their factories.

“With the launch of Qandle Touchless, we are ensuring the replacement of touch based attendance systems with solutions that actually work. Solutions like selfie attendance and facial recognition sound good but can be easily gamed using photographs of employees. In the current challenging scenario, HRs are constantly looking for solutions to manage and monitor the workforce better. We, at Qandle, are constantly innovating to provide them with the right solutions that do not compromise on accuracy or performance,” said Mr. Chayan Mukhopadhyay, Co-founder, and CEO of Qandle.

The platform aims to serve over 500 new organizations through the Qandle Touchless solution. The brand had recently launched ‘Qanbot’ – AI-powered HR bot solution which helps automate daily HR tasks of employees, and received an overwhelming response from its users. Qandle has been working relentlessly towards automating all the recurrent and manual HR and admin tasks in various organizations to the maximum extent, in order to allow bandwidth to the HR department to work more on strategic tasks.

Qandle Users can download the Qandle Touchless app from Google Play Store –

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