Mash App Available in the App Store

Austin, TX, September 03, 2022 — Mash, a mobile app that helps college students make new friends through fun and spontaneous meetups, today announced its availability in the App Store. Mash aims to become the go-to college meetup platform by providing the easiest way for small groups to meet for casual activities such as food and drink, outdoors, or seeing a movie.

“We’re extremely excited about Mash. The team is hyper-focused on providing users engaging activities to do with others and easily make new friends,” said Sourish Ghosh, Co-Founder and Co-CEO at Mash. “Finally, there’s a reliable friends app that greatly reduces meetup challenges such as flakiness, ghosting and uncertainty.”

Mash focuses on meetups between groups of two or three only, and does not feature large group meetups commonly featured on other event planning platforms. Users have a variety of meetup options to explore depending on their preference:

Activity Swiping – Mash presents ideas to swipe on and users match with others who also swiped on the same activity.

Create Events – Mash provides the tools to help you create customized events, which users can also swipe and match on.

Mash Map – Directly message nearby users on the map looking to do things in real-time.

“By matching on activities, users solve one of the biggest pain points of meetups – agreeing on what to do and where to do it,” said Rob Lanigan, Co-Founder and Co-CEO at Mash. “Our goal is to reduce time and effort to meet, simplify logistics and ease decision-making processes.”

You can download Mash at:

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