Introducing Wix Studio, the Ultimate Web Creation Platform for Agencies and Freelancers

Wix Studio marks a significant evolution in web creation for agencies, delivering a revolutionary platform that combines AI-powered features, the latest design and development capabilities and seamless workflows for multi-site management to help agencies create projects with greater quality and velocity

NEW YORK, August 2, 2023 – – Ltd. (NASDAQ: WIX), a leading global SaaS platform to create, manage and grow an online presence, today announced the release of Wix Studio, the ultimate web creation and development experience, elevating the platform for agencies and freelancers. Wix Studio builds on Wix’s proven capabilities combined with the latest AI technology to provide a state-of-the-art solution, enabling the creation of advanced websites at scale. With more flexibility, the platform includes a newly-designed development and creation editor with code capabilities, multi-site management workspaces, and access to new monetization opportunities, all helping to drive efficiency.

“We have devoted the past several years to our professional audience by working closely with our agency partners, deeply understanding their workflows, and evolving our products accordingly. Now, we are introducing a completely new platform for them to build quality websites, manage all of their clients and so much more,” said Avishai Abrahami, Co-Founder and CEO of Wix. “We believe that with Wix Studio we will be able to continue generating significant growth in our Partners segment. Combining our web development expertise and the power of AI to assist with complex web design projects, we’re continuing our path to trailblaze the web creation industry.”

Wix‘s recently announced suite of AI-powered web creation capabilities, as well as new responsive and code AI features, are integrated into Wix Studio. These tools simplify complex web design and content tasks and significantly help boost productivity.

Highlights of Wix Studio include:

Advanced design capabilities built for efficiency

  • Complete design control: With an intuitive canvas experience, professionals can focus on the design intent while all elements resize proportionally on any screen size by default. Additionally, they can create minimal to super complex layouts that can be customized on any breakpoint, while elements adjust accordingly.

  • Responsive AI: With a click of a button, users can generate fully-responsive layouts for their designs that are automatically fitted to every screen size, powered by AI technology.

  • AI text and images: Quickly generate high-quality text and images with AI.

  • No Code interactions, animations, and design expressions: Designers can add advanced animations to their site without writing code and create a visually engaging and dynamic experience. Capabilities include scroll, loop, and entrance animations, click and hover interactions, custom cursor, text mask and more.

  • Custom CSS: Easily customize CSS in the Wix Studio editor. Simply copy and paste into the editor and apply it to elements to create new designs, animations and interactions.

  • Intuitive to learn: Empowers agencies and freelancers to create high-end websites at scale with a seamless user experience that removes any friction.

  • Concurrent workflows and collaboration: Teams, designers, developers, and marketers can work concurrently and stakeholders can provide feedback, approve designs or offer suggestions effortlessly.

Workspaces for efficient client management

  • One dashboard to power all projects and clients: A completely new workflow to manage clients, projects and multiple teams within one powerful dashboard,  also accessible on the dedicated Wix Studio mobile app.

  • Team management to work at scale: Allow teams to efficiently work on a wide range of projects simultaneously by creating and reusing apps and templates across any project. Track and manage the team’s support tickets history to expedite issue resolution, and stay on top of new releases and product betas.

  • The client experience: Personalized client-facing dashboard and editor provides a smooth experience to collaborate. Quick-edit capabilities and a complete, customizable resource kit ensure clients can receive and maintain their websites on their own, as needed. Clients can receive updated analytics reports with important site information and performance.

Meet any client needs with advanced capabilities

  • Say “yes” to any project with a more open platform: Customize websites using Wix Blocks, UI slots and custom CSS and support any tech stack and device with Wix Headless. Extend and replace Wix business logic features and flows with hundreds of APIs & SPIs. Use Data extensions to enrich built-in entities and collect and store custom information. Create advanced workflows using automation rules based on a comprehensive and rich library of triggers and actions.

  • A robust code environment: Work in a professional environment using Wix online VS Code-based IDE to add frontend and backend code to a website and seamlessly integrate with Wix-made or third-party APIs. Additionally, developers can also choose to work with their preferred IDE by connecting their site to GitHub.

  • Build and sell reusable applications:  With Wix Blocks, professionals can create, save, reuse, and deploy highly customizable applications and widgets across hundreds of sites. Moreover, they can benefit from increased monetization opportunities with the ability to sell apps via the Wix App Market.

  • AI code assistant: Create complex websites and web applications at a higher velocity with an AI-powered code assistant that helps developers write cleaner code and detects errors.

“We understand the complex nature of agencies that are often working on hundreds of projects and collaborating across multiple teams,” said Gali Erez, Head of Product at Wix Studio. “Wix Studio combines the intuitiveness of the Wix Editor with cutting-edge capabilities, alongside robust integration opportunities, and advanced business solutions, to redefine how agencies build and manage websites. We’re excited for this creative, flexible and efficient platform to be in the hands of agencies and freelancers, supporting them to deliver brilliance.”

“The invaluable insights and knowledge we’ve learned working with Wix Partners over the years have been crucial to shaping the Wix platform, and today, Wix Studio which is the ultimate creation and management experience for our Partners,” said Michal Bignitz, Head of Wix Partners. “We’re thrilled to roll out this powerful platform that addresses all of their needs from building complex projects to managing their relationships with clients all in one place.”

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