Campus 365 Adds Vaccination Tracker in its School ERP Software

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New Delhi, 22nd July, 2022: Campus365, a leading school ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software provider, has added the vaccine tracker feature into its ERP software.

Campus 365, a one-stop School solution provider, with an added vaccination tracker feature has garnered an overwhelmingly positive response from its users ever since its launch. The vaccination tracker feature enables the schools to simplify and automate the tracking of employee vaccination status. Besides, the feature allows schools to easily manage enforcement and comply with mandates, reducing the possibility of infection spreading on school premises, ensuring the schools’ administrators to easily check immunization records and to make exceptions for those who have not been vaccinated.

It is very easy to use as the vaccination details can be added by just logging into the staff profile in the ERP software.

Additionally, the tracker has some additional elements such as, the vaccination details of the staff can be filled out online along with the option to add the Vaccination certificate, date, and the name of the vaccine used. Another unique feature is the easy tracking of the status of the vaccinated staff. In case, if any of the staff is unvaccinated, a red button will appear on the staff profile page. If fully vaccinated, it will turn green.

The greatest advantage of the vaccination tracker feature in the company’s software is that the parents are assured of their child’s safety with the information of whether the school teachers and other staff are vaccinated or not.

“As it is back-to-school season once again, we understand the anxiety of parents to send their young ones to school following the pandemic. Schools, on the other hand, are facing a challenge to find and implement a feasible solution to verify the vaccination solution for the school staff to assure full safety at the premises.

To address this issue on priority, our team has developed a Vaccination Tracker feature in the ERP to allow schools to automate the vaccination tracking process for their employees. Now, with vaccination proofs, the data can be updated online and schools can easily track the status”, said Sandeep Verma, Co-Founder and CFO of Campus 365.

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