Xterio Launches an L2 with BNB Chain and AltLayer to Scale Web3 Gaming and AI

April 23, 2024 , Singapore
Xterio, a premier Web3 gaming publisher, and BNB Chain proudly announce a collaboration for a new gaming-focused L2 chain that will leverage BNB as a gas token and contribute to the infrastructure of the BNB Chain ecosystem. AltLayer is also supporting the effort by providing critical technical expertise.

This collaboration further reinforces Xterio’s strategic relationship with BNB and opens doors to harness the vast potential of the BNB ecosystem. It enables Xterio and BNB Chain to collaboratively provide immersive gaming experiences enriched with AI and enhanced by digital ownership to millions of BNB users. BNB Chain will additionally provide critical marketing support to Xterio via joint campaigns and end-user referral programs.

Xterio stands at the forefront of the Web3 gaming ecosystem, offering top-tier development skills and unparalleled distribution expertise. Boasting five AAA games and a network of over 45 gaming partners, Xterio has cultivated a global gaming community of over two million users. Co-founded by industry veterans Michael Tong and Jeremy Horn, Xterio is committed to integrating Web3 technology into gaming and engaging billions of gamers worldwide.

The Xterio chain will be run and managed by AltLayer. It will operate as a Layer 2 settling on BNB Chain and utilize the OP Stack as the rollup framework with EigenDA as the Data Availability (DA) layer. The rollup will focus on Web3 and AI-powered games, with plans to build an on-chain ecosystem around AAA games leveraging the $XTER token.

In addition to being integrated across multiple Xterio titles, the Xterio chain will act as the backbone of the Xterio ecosystem, offering a gateway to a vibrant gaming ecosystem and empowering players to effortlessly collect, own, and trade digital assets in a safe and accessible environment and allowing developers to mint, distribute, and manage millions of assets seamlessly. The chain, alongside the comprehensive Xterio tech platform, intends to make on-chain elements almost invisible thanks to account abstracted wallets, seamless off-chain, and on-chain systems, cheap transactions, single-click purchases, flexible payment marketplace and launchpad, and more. In addition to facilitating transactions, the Xterio marketplace and NFT launchpad will embrace the Xterio token as a versatile payment method, accepted for both purchases and gas fees, ensuring a smooth and convenient user experience.

Looking ahead, the Xterio chain will open its doors to game developers seeking a sophisticated yet user-friendly solution to power their creations. Through the Xterio chain, developers will have access to the most extensive first-party gaming catalog in Web3 and tap into its over 2 million user base, which is currently rapidly growing. With its promise of easy integration and cutting-edge capabilities, the Xterio chain stands ready to drive the future of gaming.

The Core Development Team at BNB Chain said: “The strategic collaboration between BNB Chain and Xterio, a recognized leader in Web3 gaming and AI, will reinforce BNB Chain’s ecosystem and bring great on-chain experiences powered by digital ownership to millions of users globally. Xterio’s groundbreaking OPRollUp technology settling on BNB Chain establishes a pinnacle of excellence, boasting scalable transactions per second and fortified security bolstered by EigenLayer’s innovative restaking functionality. We look forward to furthering our work with Xterio and their gaming partners. ”

“Xterio is steadfast in its ambition to carve out a prominent position within the BNB Chain ecosystem and emerge as the foremost chain and platform worldwide, setting the gold standard for on-chain gaming,” added Michael Tong, CEO, Xterio. “This strategic partnership with BNB, a globally known and proven chain, is poised to redefine the landscape of BNB adoption, fostering a thriving ecosystem to attract users from all corners of the globe. By harnessing the power of BNB and combining it with Xterio’s vision and expertise, we aspire to establish Xterio as the undeniable leader in the BNB Chain universe.”

Highly regarded for its on-chain gaming capabilities by industry bigwigs, this Binance Labs-backed platform is now building out its game and technology functions, including artificial intelligence (AI) integration and token launch.

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