Smartsters Expands Horizons: Ventures into Infant Care with Exciting New Crib Collection

27th May 2024, Mumbai: Smartsters, the trailblazer in innovative children’s furniture, has just extended its product portfolio by venturing into the infant category. The brand has recently launched an exciting new collection of cribs! Introducing the Cocoon Crib with Wheels and Snuggles – Height Adjustable Crib & Cot Bed, designed to support the holistic development of infants.


Bikram Mittra, Head Of Design – Smartsters said, “Our new collection fosters not only physical comfort but also cognitive growth and a sense of security. We believe a child’s environment plays a crucial role in their development. Additionally, we are providing stylish yet functional solutions that grow with your child, ensuring both aesthetic appeal and enduring quality.”

Perfect for newborns and younger babies, the Cocoon Crib with Wheels prioritizes safety with soft, rounded edges and creating a serene space for newborns to thrive. The adjustable mattress heights allow parents to easily reach their infants, while the wheels provide effortless movement throughout the home. This flexibility allows parents to keep a watchful eye on their sleeping child and create a sense of curiosity by introducing new environments.

The Snuggles – Height Adjustable Crib & Cot Bed seamlessly transitions to accommodate their changing needs. This crib features adjustable mattress heights for optimal comfort and safety. The visually stimulating design and rounded corners provide a nurturing environment as infants become more aware of their surroundings. It is the safest crib with 100%non-toxic paint and easily converts to a stationary cot for older infants, ensuring continued safety and comfort throughout their first year.

Both cribs are crafted with engineered wood, utilize a safe and durable PU coating, and adhere to high international safety standards. Smartsters’ “Lovable Minimalism” design language dazzle through with serene color that perfectly enhances modern rooms. Flat pack efficiency further minimizes the environmental impact.

Moreover, these cribs offer a perfect blend of comfort, functionality, and style, ensuring a seamless transition as your little one grows and explores the world. Don’t wait any longer – make your little one’s first adventure a truly special one!

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