Shri Ram Mandir Bhoomi Pujan A Motivating Call from the North East

Mrs Elizabeth Tara Nongbri (1)

Almost a year ago, away from media hype, an unsung rally was held Umphruph- Smit Village, East Khasi Hills, Meghalaya in support of the vision of Hon’ble PM, Shri Narendra Modi Ji.

Its aim – to bring awareness among the indigenous and tribal populace of rural Meghalaya, about the various schemes and efforts being taken by the NDA Govt, for inclusive and sustained growth of all sections of society.

The rally was organized by Smt Elizabeth Nongbri, executive member of BJP Mahila Sangh, Meghalaya Pradesh, who is also a member of the All India Anglo Indian Association.

The rally was very well attended. Meghalaya, being a matrilineal society, the maximum participation was by Mahila members. The people of this area are mainly small-time farmers and artisans, who have to work very hard for the sustenance of their families. Alas, they are a neglected lot, more so the Anglo Indians among them. Mostly unaware of the various Govt schemes for rural folk, time for them is at a standstill.

The participants were very supportive of the idea for the re-construction of Shri Ram Temple at the original site at Ayodhya. While in agreement with the proposal, over one thousand persons from among the Anglo Indian Community, Christians and persons of Indigenous Faith, all belonging to the predominantly The Christian State of Meghalaya, expressed willingness for active participation in large numbers for the event when organized. Unfortunately, the pandemic put paid to their enthusiasm. This gesture from the Anglo Indian and Christian Community is probably the first of its kind and demonstrates the strong social fabric of our Nation.

The Holy Event is now underway at Ayodhya, as we go to the press. The enthusiasts in that remote corner of Meghalaya would probably watch the proceedings on TV, time from their daily grind, permitting. At best, they would silently rejoice that their tiny effort has now been vindicated. Their belief that inclusive economic growth; social respect for all religions including the safeguarding of places of worship of historical significance; a uniform civil code and mutual respect, as being emphasized by the PM would result in developing a confident society and a strong Bharat.

Could we in the ‘mainstream’ spare a thought for these simple, peace-loving, rural folk who look up to the ‘mainland’ for succour?

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