Saina Nehwal and Mithali Raj at Ekam world Peace Festival

Mithali Raj Crickter and Preethaji, Co-creator of Ekam

Peace is subjective, Peace in the external is when a person can thrive and in the internal to be mindful of yourself in various situations of life and then act, Said, India’s Women’s Cricket team Captain Mithali Raj. Part of the 7-day Virtual Ekam world Peace Festival, which is happening globally. Indian women’s national cricket team Captain Mithali Raj and Indian badminton player Saina Nehwal joined from Hyderabad on Virtual Online session.

Supporting the message on woman, Mithali Raj, the Captain of India’s Women’s Cricket Team joined as the guest. She spoke candidly from her personal life. “Peace is necessary and meditation is a sure way to peace. Peace during challenges is when we are mindful and act where necessary, not rush into action when we should not; and sometimes it is right to give our best without worrying about the results.”

Covid gave her an opportunity to meditate and live in the present, it made her breathe deeper and not keep running into the future anxieties or past regards” Mithali added. Mithali also joined the prayer with Preethaji Co-Creator of Ekkam to overcome the COVID crisis.

Peace is an important factor in every of my single win: Saina Nehwal:

In the Evening online session ekam peace festival, Indian badminton player Saina Nehwal, along with Preethaji and millions of peace meditators give her peace voice. On the occasion Saina Nehwal said, remaining calm even though situations are stressful and demanding is very important in one’s life. Peace has been an important factor in every single win of hers” Says Saina Nehwal.

Inner peace is very important to act clearly and address difficult challenges for high performance athletes and for everyone else too. The support of friends, mentors, and family is important to remain peaceful through the thick and thin of life and achieve success”.

On a personal note she said, badminton is a very tough sport, where a single game can determine your defeat or victory. And she feels blessed to have a mother who inspires her and coaches who relax her and calm her. She said inner peace has been a critical factor in every single match she has won.

Ekam Co-creator Preethaji stated that, in every crisis situation woman are the greatest and silent sufferers. Because of COVID While the fall in the stock market, number of deaths and the lack of proper medical aid is noticed, the rise in domestic violence has gone unrecognized. She also said in many countries government laws are becoming tougher to eradicate the gender bias at corporations, violence against women, and many sectors are opening up to women. Countries, where women leaders were once unthinkable today have them in power. Many sports are accommodating women and are letting women carve a future.

She said – “Along with the external changes a woman must awaken to 4 aspects of her power. She must awaken to the power of Shakti – the animating potential, Amba- the healing potential, Kali – the wisdom potential, and Parvati- the playful potential. When the power of all these 4 aspects get unified in a woman, she becomes whole and nurtures life around her.

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