M3M Foundation embarks on an initiative to provide cooked meals to about 150 underprivileged children amid 74th Independence Day- Press Release

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As India woke up to 74th Independence Day celebrations, M3M Foundation embarked on a 15 day-long campaign, in collaboration with Amrit Varsha to provide cooked meals to 150 underprivileged children in Delhi. Titled as ‘Freedom from Hunger’, the objective of the initiative is to alleviate hunger and misery of the kids hailing from the marginalized section of the society. Under this initiative, about 150 children in the age group of 5-11 years will be provided a healthy breakfast from 15th August till 30th August at Sanjay Lake, East Delhi. They will be provided kadi rice, chapatis and vegetable khichdi on a rotational basis.

The development comes amid the COVID-19 lockdown that has brought untold hardships to the vulnerable section of the society. “The initiative is our small effort towards making lives brighter for the underprivileged who are among the most affected during the COVID-19 crisis. It underscores our commitment to address disparities in access to basic entitlements for the marginalized section of the society,” said, Dr. Payal Kanodia, Trustee, M3M Foundation.

“I would like to thank the M3M Foundation for providing us healthy and tasty meals and addressing our hunger. The COVID-19 lockdown has made our lives increasingly difficult,” said, One of the beneficiaries of the initiative. Support from ‘soldiers of hope’ who helped to gather all the children together.

M3M Foundation had earlier launched the Kartavya initiative wherein it emerged as a formidable support system for construction workers and their families. As a result, it managed to retain 9,515 labour families by extended not only economic but also material and psychological support to them. A majority of these labourers work at M3M project sites.

M3M Foundation is a philanthropic organization that envisions to empower the vulnerable section of the society including the marginalized, differently-abled, women and children and fulfil the dream of holistic and sustainable development in India. Its focus areas are women empowerment, education, and the environment. Stop Food Waste Campaign, Free Health Check-up, Blood Donation Camp, Clothes Donation Drive are some of the initiatives. It is also working for the upliftment of construction workers by providing them access to education and health facilities.

M3M Foundation has collaborated with Aide et Action for an iMpower initiative to build a community-led Worksite Upliftment Programme in identified worksites of M3M in the Gurugram district of Haryana state in India. This is being done through ensuring their entitlements to basic requirements such as education, health, financial and social security, legal aid and their access to State and Central welfare schemes.

Around 1000 children and community members will be made digitally literate in the project through this intervention. Special emphasis is being given on the behaviour change aspects of the community through various health-related interventions. Safe drinking water is also a priority.

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