Know Why Some Users Received Tindas with Their Swiggy Instamart Orders


As cities like Delhi gear up for the upcoming elections, popular quick commerce app Swiggy Instamart has launched a unique campaign to remind citizens of the importance of voting by delivering an unexpected yet powerful message directly to customers’ doorsteps.

Users in Delhi found an unexpected packet of tinda and a note that read, “Make your vote count so you can choose what you want,” when they received their order from the popular quick commerce app.

Tinda, a less favourite vegetable for many, symbolizes what happens when we don’t exercise our right to choose—receiving something we didn’t ask for. Just as customers didn’t add tinda to their carts but received it, anyway, not voting leaves us without a say in choosing our leaders.

Swiggy Instamart hopes this innovative campaign will inspire citizens to act and vote in the upcoming elections. By reminding customers of the consequences of not making their voices heard, Swiggy Instamart seeks to drive home the importance of participating in the democratic process.

This fun but powerful message by Swiggy Instamart has received a lot of love on social media.

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