Jawa-Yezdi Nomads Trail Attack training program delights riders in Delhi-NCR

Jawa-Yezdi Nomads ‘Trail Attack’ training program delights riders in Delhi-NCR

Delhi, July 19, 2022: After exhilarating riders in Pune and Bangalore, the ‘Trail Attack’ rider training program visited Delhi for the fourth leg of the event. This event was exclusively organized for the Yezdi Adventure and Scrambler owners across Delhi and NCR.

Held under the aegis of the company’s Jawa-Yezdi Nomads Kommuniti initiative, the “Trail Attack” rider training program has been conceptualized to equip riders with skills and techniques to explore and experience the true capabilities and potential of their motorcycles and, in the process, have fun both on the road and off it.

Talking about the initiative, Ashish Singh Joshi, CEO of Classic Legends, said, “The Yezdi Adventure & Scrambler are purpose-built motorcycles brought to life with just one intention – to offer the true Yezdi experience to their riders, unadulterated! For our current and potential customers to enjoy and develop sub-culture skills like off-road & trail riding, scrambling, and become better riders overall, the ‘Trail Attack’ program is designed to help them discover the true potential of themselves and their motorcycles and learn to master necessary skills step by step. We aim to arm riders across the country in a similar manner, which is why the fourth edition of this training program was held in the capital city.”

The Delhi edition of the Trail Attack was held at Throttle Shrottle off-road experience track on Sunday, 19th of July under the guidance of professional riders. Starting with a detailed briefing session by the trainers, the participants were taken through the essentials of posture, weight distribution, clutch, and brake techniques before moving on to the basics of off-road and trail riding. The training modules consisted of many learning activities such as efficient clutch operation, throttle modulation, off-road emergency braking, and a slalom test. The customers later got the chance to put their skills to the test on a specially designed off-road track and test the off-road capabilities of their Yezdi Scramblers and Adventures on a natural off-road trail. Customers can watch out for forthcoming event announcements in their city on Jawa and Yezdi Motorcycles’ official social media accounts and take part in the event by registering themselves at their nearest dealerships for a nominal fee.

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