Broadway Ramlila by Aryan Heritage Foundation – The Epic is back to Enchant

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Aryan Heritage Foundation spearheaded by Rajender Mittal welcomes audiences for an unforgettable experience with their rendition of “Broadway Ramlila” from Thursday, September 29th to Tuesday, October 4th, 2022, 7.00 pm onwards at Netaji Subhash Place (Near Omaxe Mall), Pitampura, New Delhi.

Ramayana- The most epic of epics, is as old as time. There have been endless tellings of this saga, but even today, the charm of Lord Ram’s life feels so fresh and relevant. It has been the guiding light for the human race for thousands of years. Ramanand Sagar brought Ramayana to every home in the 80s, and now Aryan Heritage Foundation’s Broadway Ramlila is bringing the same magic to the audience, in the form of a grand stage production. The most important achievement of this production is that it shows the entire story of Ramayana in mere 3 hours.

It is a spectacular comeback for Aryan Heritage Foundation’s “Broadway Ramlila” as the show intends to be donning a new avatar adding new interesting character arcs of Ahilya, Kaykai, Hanuman, and Ravan to be portrayed on a bigger stage and grander sets, embellished with vibrant and tasteful costumes; augmented by surround sound.

Weaving the entire story of Ramayana from Lord Ram’s birth to his eventual coronation, into a capsule of 3 hours, “Broadway Ramlila” is immensely loved amongst youth due to its usage of simple Hindi Language, epic music and stage design, spectacular costumes, breathtaking performances, all this while giving life lessons from Lord Ram’s teachings in order to condition tender minds.

The show reached the zenith of its popularity during pandemic years when it reinvented its portrayal and became India’s First Ramlila to be screened at Multiplexes, following all covid protocols. Now the production is also widely referred to as the Multiplex Ramlila.

Also known as Sampurna Ramayana, the spectacle aims at providing a life-like surreal experience to the audiences transporting them to Tretayug. This amazing feat is accomplished with the help of a state of the art 3D Multi Layer Stage Design, 17 Original Sound Tracks by Udit Narayan, Kailash Kher, Kumar Vishu, Jeetender Singh and others, Music Direction by Chandra Kamal & Bharat Kamal, Direction by Shashidharan Nair, more than 100 professional actors and dancers, spectacular sets and costumes, and of course a tightly weaved narrative by Valmiki, voiced by Mukesh Khanna, which grips the attention of audience for the entire duration of show.

Rajender Mittal, creator of “Broadway Ramlila” and President of Aryan Heritage Foundation is elated with the response his production has received in the past years and says, “We are overwhelmed with the response we have received from our patrons. The success of screening Broadway Ramlila at Multiplexes is testimony to the love we have received with our comeback show post pandemic. With our rendition of Ramayana we intend to nurture tender minds and bring them to appreciate the heritage of Incredible India. In order to turn this dream into reality, our production uses modern technology and nuances to bring audiences face to face with the practical application of morals and teachings from the whole life of Lord Ram.”

“The response we have received after the post-pandemic is very encouraging. This year the show is even more spectacular as we get to do it out in front of a live audience. We hope to reach out to a larger audience.” says Ishwar Bansal, Chairman of Aryan Heritage Foundation.

“Organizing an event of this magnitude requires permissions from many departments, which has always been a hassle as guidelines are never clear and keep on changing. We are trying our best to take all permissions in time to avoid last minute confusions” informs Anil Garg, Gen. Secretary of Aryan Heritage Foundation.

“Broadway Ramlila” is an expensive affair. Treasurer Ajay Gupta says “We were initially very scared regarding funds, as the entire show is funded by Donations. Since the pandemic, many people have suffered financially so we were skeptical if they would donate. But to our surprise and relief, our people are coming forward and extending their hand wholeheartedly. Thanks to our donors, all our plans can now be successfully implemented, and thousands of people can experience this show for free everyday”.

Saurabh Mittal, Senior Vice President wants “Broadway Ramlila” to be a permanent show at the main Ayodhya Ram Mandir. He says “This production was always meant to be a great tribute to Shri Ram, and the time has come to take it to where it belongs. My ultimate life goal is that everyone should watch this Show after Darshan of Ram Lalaa in Ayodhya Ram Mandir. This will tell our next generation who actually is our Ram and why his teachings are still so relevant, even after thousands of years.”

Vice President Anuj Jaikaransays that “Our focus is on the guest list this year and we are expecting many VVIPs. This should help us take this show to the next level. Technology has been our driving force and we fully embrace it at Broadway Ramlila. From a modern branded food court to an entry system, everything is technology driven.”

It is noteworthy that Delhi Government organized the Sunderkand portion of Broadway Ramlila on Hanuman Jayanti, and the Chief Minister announced that this Sunderkand shall be performed in all constituencies of Delhi.

The story of Ramayana has been adored by audiences of all ages and sects. From Ramanand Sagar’s rendition that brought the Ramayana on TV and the local Ramlila that brought mobs together at centrals of a town, Ramayana has evolved in time and Aryan Heritage Foundation’s “Broadway Ramlila” specifically has imbibed finesse and technological advances making itself more appealing and a treasured experiential journey.

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