Ariel University pioneers groundbreaking research in astrophysics, standing as a beacon for women in science

Ariel University

L-R – Professor Dafne Guetta, PhD Student Sandhya Manon (PhD at Ariel University joint with La Sapienza University, Rome, Italy), PhD Student Aurora Langella (University Federico II, Napoli, Italy) and Silvia Gagliardini (PhD at Ariel University joint with La Sapienza University, Rome, Italy)

In a remarkable stride towards understanding the cosmos, Ariel University’s women-led research teams are making innovative contributions to astrophysics, spotlighting, spotlighting Israel’s role in pioneering global scientific endeavours. As the world prepares to celebrate the International Day of Women and Girls in Science on February 11, 2024, Ariel University’s achievements underscore the critical importance of diversity and inclusion in STEM fields.

Professor Dafne Guetta, together with her PhD students Silvia Gagliardini, Sandhya Manon, and Aurora Langella, along with her colleagues, has recently published two studies in prestigious journals. The Astrophysical Journal Letters and The Astrophysical Journal, which are setting new frontiers in the study of supernovas and magnetars, and their connection to high energy neutrinos and gravitational wave (GW) detection.

The first study, “Low- and High-energy Neutrinos from SN 2023ixf in M101,” takes a closer look at the closest supernova explosion observed in the last decade, providing unique insights into the role of jets in supernova ejecta. This research not only enhances our understanding of stellar collapses but also challenges existing theoretical models for neutrino production.

The second article, “UV Signatures of Magnetar Formation and Their Crucial Role for GW Detection,” explores the early UV signatures emitted during the formation of fast-spinning magnetars. These findings have significant implications for detecting gravitational waves, opening new avenues for joint electromagnetic and gravitational wave observations. Such research is crucial for the future of space exploration and understanding the universe’s most cataclysmic events.

Ariel University is leveraging these scientific breakthroughs to inspire a new generation of women in science. The university’s commitment to fostering an inclusive environment in STEM is evident through its support for women students and researchers.

As Israel continues to make its mark on the global scientific stage, Ariel University’s contributions, particularly in promoting women in science, are a testament to the country’s dedication to innovation, academic excellence, and gender equality in STEM. These achievements not only advance our understanding of the universe but also pave the way for future women scientists to explore the boundless possibilities of space and beyond.

Ariel University’s contributions to Israeli science in astrophysics are not only significant within the country but also stand as a source of worldwide inspiration, highlighting the indispensable role of diversity in driving scientific discovery and exploration.

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